Margaret Cho: Sleazy producer demanded sex

'Sleep with me and get $1m for your movie'

Margaret Cho has revealed that a producer offered her $1million to make a film – but only if she would sleep with him.

The comic told Chortle that his sleazy offer came she rebuffed an unwelcome pass he made at one  of their meetings.

Cho said that she wrote ‘his disgusting efforts into the next draft of the script.  He was enraged and called an emergency meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel where he said he had booked a room  and if I wanted the $1million to make my movie I had to go to the room and have sex with him!’

She previously told the story in her off-Broadway show, I’m The One That I Want, which was released as as a concert film in 2000

ln the show, she joked: ’You know, I’ve never been a casting couch situation before. I was pretty excited, I was  was like, ‘finally!"…  I have pretty low standards, but he was just unfuckable. 

Then she told the full extent of his behaviour, and how she thinks her representatives sanctioned it.

‘He had something that I needed. And I think my management was in on it somehow because they kept trying to make appointments for me to meet him in hotels. "Am I going to get really sleeping during the meetings?, what does that mean?"

‘I was in denial. I didn’t want to sleep with him but I wanted  to make my movie so I met the producer at  a hotel and we were walking in the grounds, talking about the movie, and he attacked me.

‘He was really short and really fat and he flew up and landed on my breast and said, "I want to be your baby"! Ew!  Aarrgh! Urgh! Agh! Aww! That is so disgusting.

‘I knocked him off me. I went home I called my mum. She was so upset. I fired my manager after that.’

Cho declined to name the producer, saying only that it was not Harvey Weinstein ‘but that type of guy’.

The producer even turned up to her live show to try to intimidate her, Cho says in an Unforgettable Five feature for Chortle today, ahead of her UK and Ireland tour which kicks off later this month.

Published: 10 Nov 2017