BWW Review: MARGARET CHO BARES ALL at Tampa Improv

 Mar. 10, 2018

Dressed in ripped jeans, a MASH 4077 tee and embroidered black jacket, Margaret Chotwerked her flat butt (her reference, not mine) right into the hearts of admiring fans at Tampa Improv Friday night for her "Fresh Off the Bloat" tour.

From Weinstein, Cosby and Trump to fengshui, sex and drugs, to surviving rape and a botched suicide attempt to imitating her Korean-American mother disapproving of her multiple tattoos, nothing was off limits to this brash, outspoken and unapologetic comedian. And we, the audience loved her for this raw authenticity, her honesty.

"They legalized marijuana is California just in time for Trump," she said and added the stronger drugs might need to be added to the mix to get through this administration.

Never one to shy away from any topic, her unique, off-the-cuff version of comedy included a description of sighing farts, Cho's analysis of her friend, Kathy Griffin's infamous presidential photo scandal and being discriminated against by being asked to leave a spa due to her many tattoos. Cho retaliated with a fitting post that found life in social media and brought about an apology from the spa.

Cho was also very vocal against the whitewashing of Asian characters in the media leading to a hysterical impersonation of a phone call with Tilda Swinton, who portrayed the Tibetan character, the Ancient One, in "Doctor Strange." The actress wondered why people didn't like her representing an Asian character. The actress then asked Cho not to tell anyone about their conversation. Cho smiled knowingly at us before moving into another topic.

Known for pushing boundaries, Cho was fearless, candid about issues that make many squirm in their seats. Simply put, in today's climate, I, for one, am glad she is here to be a voice for the silent and say what most of us are thinking anyway.