Friday, January 06, 2017

LGBT Playlist

Written by  Gregg Shapiro

Is there anything Margaret Cho can’t do? She’s a comedian, a writer, an actress, a burlesque artist, an activist, and a fashionista. In 2010 she expanded her reach with her music album Cho Dependent and has just released its highly anticipated follow-up American Myth ( On the whole, the album, a collaboration with lesbian singer/songwriter Garrison Starr, feels like a more serious effort, beginning with the way that Cho has become a better singer. Opener “Come With Me,” as well as “Moran & Miiri,” “Anna Nicole,” and “Daddy, I Miss You,” also reflect a more fundamental change in her approach to making music. Don’t misunderstand – Cho still knows how to make us laugh as she does on “Ron’s Got A DUI” (which also has a sober side to it), “Fat Pussy,” and “We So Worry.” Brava diva!