Return to Chevelle

Hollywood High
August 2004

Chevelle check into Tinseltown's hit-making factory for the follow-up to Wonder What's Next.

By Alan Di Perna

Sibling power trio Chevelle are holed up inside Hollywood's historic Sunset Sound studios, recording the follow-up to their 2002 Platinum album Wonder What's Next. Fame has been a wild ride for the three young brothers from the suburbs of Chicago. Guitarist/singer Pete Loeffler admits the group is a little star struck at finding itself in a studio that has hosted sessions by greats like the Doors and Led Zeppelin.

"Lisa Marie Presley was working here the first week we were in," says Pete. "Apparently it's because Elvis Presley worked in one of these studios. Our producer, Micheal Baskette, is nicknamed Elvis. But he told us, 'As long as Lisa Marie Presley is here, my name is Michael. Do not call me Elvis.' "

Baskette engineered the sessions for Wonder What's Next and has been elevated to a coproduction role with the Loeffler boys for their latest Epic release. "It's heavier than our old stuff, but still melodic," Pete says of the new material. "People will definately recognize it as Chevelle. But a lot of these songs are more rhythmic than our earlier stuff, which is a lot of fun for me. We're tuning down to A sharp this time — a half step lower than before. So now I gotta get used to these fatter strings, man. I'm up to .062s on the top string."

As of early May, the group still had another four or five weeks of production left. Chevelle fans who just can't wait for the new album can pick up the Punisher movie soundtrack, which includes the band's track "Still Running." Says Pete, "That's a song we did really quickly in our little home studio. But if people want a little taste of what's coming, they can check that out."