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Crossfade & Seether at the House of Blues, Anaheim
By Carree Michel

In a time when picking up an instrument automatically makes anyone a multi-platinum rock-god, it is refreshing to see bands focusing on substance, not sales, to create music. Crossfade recently opened for Seether at the House of Blues, Anaheim, and all three bands rocked the crowd into frenzy.

In true rock style, Crossfade brought the house down with guitar and bass playing that would make any true rock fan cry with tears of nostalgia. Seeing Crossfade in concert is proof that a band doesn't need an excess of members to turn out hard-driving, emotional tunes that get hearts pumping and feet moving. Crossfade's three person formula works amazingly, and in concert, they put on a better show than most bands with 4,5,6+ members. Ed Sloan (guitar/lead vocals) and Mitch James (bass/backing vocals) harmonized perfectly through their entire set while James Branham provided drum rhythms that made the audience want to get in their cars and speed down the highway. Not in a long time has a band performed with such tenacity and musical excellence that reminds the audience what it is to be a true musician. In concert, Crossfade embodied the spirit of good ole rock and roll. In the middle of their set, Sloan took a moment to dedicate their song, "Never Give Up" to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and wished them all the best. Sloan, James, and Branham were delighted to be playing for die-hard fans and acknowledged the humdrum state of the rock scene. At one point during the show, Will Hunt (Dark New Day) came out to lend his rhythmic talents to a couple of Crossfade songs, giving Branham a chance to sit on the front of the stage, shake hands, and get the crowd psyched about sharing the musical experience. For the final song, Brett Hesla (lead singer of Dark New Day) joined Crossfade on stage to add vocal variety to their hit "Cold."

When the curtains parted and the smoke began to billow, the crowd knew that Seether was about to take the stage. With his long, streaked red hair and immense presence, Morgan went right into "Gasoline," and the crowd had no choice but to sing along. Even though his long hair covered his face, the audience could still visualize his intense eyes piercing their souls. Their set included songs off their debut CD as well as their new release. Fans young and old related to the lyrics and musical brilliance that is Seether. Even though the concert started late, and Seether didn’t start until after 11:30pm, fans could not get enough of their music, and left the venue wanting more.