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Crossfade will slam into the Strand
July 8, 2005

Mitch James has a realistic outlook on a rock star's life. The bassist and vocalist for an emerging band, Crossfade, James takes the success of the 2004 self-titled album in stride.

"We know we're very lucky to be where we are," he said. "We look at it as a job and business, and want to make wise decisions with our money. It's not about making tons of cash."

Crossfade has released three singles from the album, including "Cold" and "Colors." The latter currently is getting air play.

The band has had to overcome a little bit of turmoil of late. After six years with the group, vocalist and club DJ Tony Byroads left the band, slimming the quartet down to a trio.

"We're pretty much committed to staying a three piece at this point. I sing pretty much all his parts now," he said. "We knew (Byroad's departure) was going to come. We had picked up those vibes from there, but we took it in stride."

The band has been touring continuously for more than a year, something James confessed is tiring. "Once in a while, you get a little sore. Sometimes you wake up in a new city and you don't feel like smiling," he admitted, adding he frequently reminds himself how good he's got it. "But it's a lot better job than any I've ever had."

When asked to offer advice for bands working to break onto the national scene, James' advice is simple.

"We heard all along, people aren't looking to hear great recordings. You got to work on the hooks in your songs."

He added it's important for any band to leave their stomping grounds to generate a true following. "It doesn't matter what hometown you're in. You're not going to get any respect until you start touring outside of your region."

The American Tragedy, a local band who recently scored a single on 99X (KUTX 98.9 FM), will open the show. 99X also is a sponsor.