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Guest Horoscope: Crossfade
James Branham gives his interpretation of August’s horoscopes
By rachel katz

“A quirky song.” That is what Crossfade’s drummer James Branham calls the band’s hit single “Cold.” That supposedly “quirky” song is actually a hard rock Top 40 hit. Crossfade’s next single, “Colors,” is already on Billboard’s Top 20 Modern Rock chart.

Crossfade consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Ed Sloan, bassist Mitch James, and Branham. A fourth member, DJ Tony Byroads, recently left the band after getting married. Without Byroads, “the sound is a little more rocked up now,” Branham said.

Back before the band became famous, they went through a series of name changes. First they were The Nothing, and then they became Sugardaddy Superstar. Then Columbia Records signed the band. “Columbia said, ‘You’ve got to change the name,’” Branham said.

The band created a huge list of possible band names, which was then checked for legal problems. Only 10 names checked out legally, and Crossfade was one of them. “It’s a technical term for a mixing board,” Branham said.

Crossfade is currently on a nation-wide tour with Seether, which includes an August 20 stop in Louisville at the Kentucky State Fair/Louisville Stadium. After the tour wraps up September 24, the band is heading back into the studio to record their next album.

Here at caffe!ne, we like our readers to have some personal interaction with band members. So, although the following horoscopes are by no means accurate, here is what Crossfade’s own James Branham predicts for your upcoming month:

You’ll fall in love with a beauti ul person who will leave you for someone else. You’ll beat them up and go to jail for it.

You’ll be upset because your favorite vegetarian restaurant closed and you’ll deface the front of the restaurant with rude graffiti.

It’s a month-long party, so live it up.

You just found out you’re going to have your fourth child. You can’t make ends meet and your hair’s falling out.

Keep your chin up and keep at it. One day you might be president.

You’ll be diagnosed with OCD this month, and your doctor will tell you to take a chill pill. You won’t take it and you’ll end up breaking a TV.

That sundress looks lovely on you. Put another flower in your hair and smoke another one for me.

Get out of my way, you’ve got what I want and you can’t have it.

It’s a good month for you. Have fun at a party with a Gemini.

Keep it up. You’ll find out one day that your hard work has paid off, and you’ll come home to find your significant other has left you for the milkman. Don’t worry, you’ll get half.

Keep dreaming, keep smiling. You’ll throw a party to save the dolphins, but you’ll find out that they sensed Earth’s impending doom and have already left the planet.

Take another happy pill and don’t worry about the comment your friend made about you being fat. She was just kidding.