Capital Cities speaks with WPTV, talks about their hit 'Safe and Sound'

Posted: 11/10/2013
By: WPTV Web Team

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Capital Cities made their way to the Cruzan Amphitheatre for the Coastline Festival Sunday afternoon; according to the thousands in attendance, they didn't disappoint.

They are an American indie-pop duo from Los Angeles, California. Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian are the two band members, and they have many hits including their lead single "Safe and Sound."

We had a chance to catch up with them backstage after their performance.

Q. Welcome to West Palm Beach ... You guys have made been to Florida numerous of times. What is it about Florida that keeps bringing you back?
SS: Florida likes to party, and they like to invite to these parties, so we get the invite, and accept.
RM: Everything Sebu said, Miami, and every other city in Florida, it's just a great place,

Q. Outside of Florida, any place stick out to you?
RM: We did a tour in Europe for a month and visited Portugal, and we had a day off there, and rented scooters, and just scooted around the city, so that was recent and we had a great time.

Q. Let's talk about your hit, "Safe and Sound." Everyone loves the song-- It's played on ESPN, and commercials this summer. But the song has actually been out for a while? Why the traction now?
SS: It's been a gradual climb since the beginning, but as soon as we put it out in 2011 we watched it grow slow but steadily, we grew with it as people, and as a band, and as we tried to improve our live show, we kept touring and playing shows, every show seemed to be bigger than the last, and we noticed the crowds got bigger, so were in the little bubble and were riding the wave that seems to never end.
RM: I agree with everything he said.

Q: Is there anything you do before a performance to help your nerves out?
SS: We eat, chill, drink...
RM: ---- We don't really drink that much, of course lots of water though, to hydrate our voice. As far as getting nervous, it just depends on what our mental state is, are we sleep deprived, did we have water that day that ay effect our nervousness.

Q: Travel Life... What's it like? Anything you like to do when you get to a new city?
SS: When we can find some time in a city, it's really cool, we get to get out and check out the culture and scene, the food, but more often than not we don't have that downtime. We often get to a city, soundcheck, play a show, hit the road, get on the bus. It's tiring, and I wish we could spend more time in the city. Sometimes we do, and when we do it's great.

Q: Any future collaborations?
SS: We already worked with Andre 3000, who appears on our debut album, and we were blessed to have him and other really cool musicians, and singers, so we hope everyone can check it out.
RM: Maybe we'll write a song to Beyonce or Miley Cyrus and produce it for them, but who knows, but we're very open, we like to experiment and have fun with music, so it could go in any direction.

Q: What's next for you guys?
SS: At the end of the day, I just like to put my head down and sleep.
RM: We plan to continue touring, 2014 plans to be a crazy year of visiting different parts of the world. Safe and Sound id blowing up in Europe, Australia, South America, and Mexico so we're just trying to get to as many places and build a solid foundation and fan base.

Q: The ultimate goal for you guys? Perform for a presidential Inauguration? Win a Grammy?
SS: Achieve World Peace
RM: Be a happy person, and make other people happy.