Review: Capital Cities And Andre 3000's 'Farrah Fawcett Hair' Feels So Good
Keith MurphyPosted May 31, 2013

The official Summer Friday soundtrack

While you're busy making that playlist of fun summer songs that make you forget about that asshole boss that keeps mangling Tyrion Lannister’s G.O.A.T. lines from the Game of Thrones, you should add Capital Cities’ latest single “Farrah Fawcett Hair” to the mix. Landing somewhere between Daft Punk’s happy-go-lucky new wave disco and alternative electro rock French band Phoenix is the Los Angeles based group’s anthem for all that is “good shit.” This is the type of song that inspires epic sing-alongs. And that goodness includes Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the aforementioned late Farrah’s gorgeous locks, Daniel Day Lewis, Miles Davis’ epic jazz fusion classic Bitches’ Brew, double rainbows, and, of course, democracy.

This is a wonderfully weird mix that features the otherwise serious voice of NPR’s Frank Tavares, some strong R&B-diva wailing, an Herb Alpert-like horn solo, and the one and only Andre 3000. Over a groove that starts off as futuristic, dance-floor boogie down, this track hits you with a money breakdown equipped with spirited gotcha-hook. It’s especially poignant to hear the iconic 3 Stacks in the wake of personal grief (the Grammy-winning artist’s mother recently passed away). “Kids with big glasses that laugh when they run/Girls with old-school names like Ruby Mae/Have infants with baby breath yawn in your face,” Andre playfully croons. Just like Capital Cities’ jubilant record, let’s hope Andre soon has another reason to smile again. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)