TUNED UP Special: Q&A with Sebu of Capital Cities / Concert Preview
by RYAN G on Jun 20, 2013 • 12:02 am

Capital Cities (dubbed the best band in LA by personality Perez Hilton) have established one of the breakout alternative radio hits of the past year with “Safe and Sound,” and are poised to grow all the more while they spend the summer touring internationally in support of their June 4th major label debut, In A Tidal Wave of Mystery. IATU will be present to cover all the action at the Columbus stop, where the duo will be sure to ham it up in every inch of the tiny venue known as The Basement. Local favorites Kid Runner will warm up the crowd with their brand of warm electronic pop/rock. Expect an appearance of their single “Move,” which has the distinct of X-Games commercial placement. To further enlighten yourself on these guys, check out the Q&A Sebu graciously filled out for I Am Tuned Up:

Ryan Getz: To a casual music fan, how would you sum up your sound in a memorable way to catch their attention?
Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities: Alt-dance!

RG: If Capital Cities had a mission statement, what would it be?
Sebu: Create music that is interesting, deep, meaningful and simultaneously fun, joyous and danceable.

RG: Why “Capital Cities”? What are some band name rejects from early in your formation?
Sebu: At one point, we called ourselves The Waves, but realized that may conflict with another band Wavves. So one night, Ryan and I were chatting online, thinking of new names. Ryan randomly suggested “Capital of Maine,” upon which I responded, “how about just Capital Cities?” and it stuck.

RG: What has been the most surprising result of having a successful radio single?
Sebu: Free sunglasses.

RG: Name one positive thing and one negative thing happening in music business right now, from your point of view:
Sebu: Positive: Everyone has access to the tools it takes to make and promote music. Negative: Everyone has access to the tools it takes to make and promote music.

RG: How’d you settle on the “giant sunglasses” as an unofficial band icon?
Sebu: The giant sunglasses appear on our debut EP artwork, which we put on as a joke at the very end of a photoshoot. From all the shots we took that day, the ones with the glasses looked best. Then we decided to buy a bunch and pass them out at shows.

RG: What is ruling your music playlist(s) currently?
Sebu: The Neighbourhood, Poolside, Gold Fields, Lovelife

RG: Who would play on your dream tour (both if you were playing or attending)?
Sebu: Underworld, Royksopp, Bob Marley (it’s a dream right?)

RG: What are you most looking forward to about being on the road this summer?
Sebu: Japan

RG: Do Ryan (Merchant) and Sebu have hidden talents that do not involve music? If so, what? Can we get a demo in Columbus when I (Ryan Getz) attend?
Sebu: I make a good scramble.