Hoping to Remain Safe & Sound on Billboard Charts
Being Unconventional Could Keep Them There

By: Jaclyn Lattanza
TeenNewsNet Managing Editor

Capital Cities’ single “Safe and Sound” has been placed on the “Top” charts all over the world, including iTunes’ Top 10 Alternative Songs in 13 countries – No. 1 in Italy and Luxembourg; has a video, directed by Grady Hall, that is nominated for two MTV VMAs – Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects; and was performed on national television more than once.

If that is not enough, it is also on the band’s debut album. Released by Capitol Records on June 4, In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, is what one of the two front men Sebu Simonian calls, “a compilation of the best work that we’ve done over the past three years.”

“It’s a good feeling to be able to have something like that to spread to the world and have people listen to it and enjoy themselves,” he said.

Simonian met partner Ryan Merchant on Craigslist in 2008 after he put up an ad offering his services as a producer. Merchant was the only one to respond to the ad, so they got right to work. “Our relationship is very collaborative.” Simonian and Merchant both write the music and lyrics equally as well as play same instruments: piano, guitar and drums. Capital Cities made its national television debut on “Conan” just two days after the album release and appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” about a month later. “That was a great experience because it went smoothly,” Simonian said. “We were nervous obviously because when you’re on TV, so many more people are watching you…but we got through it and it turned out fine.”

The most unique song on In a Tidal Wave of Mystery is “Farrah Fawcett Hair”. “We barely sing on it.” The track is narrated by NPR’s Frank Tavares; features Outkast’s Andre 3000; and includes voice messages that were sent in by fans. “It was a fun, experimental collaboration.” Capital Cities’ fans, friends and family have been “overwhelmingly positive since day one. That has kept us going and kept us wanting to push the music the way we’ve had.”

With growing success, the band’s recognition is expected to increase. Although Simonian has not noticed a spike in public recognition, he does appreciate the audience recognition when on stage. “It’s a surreal feeling. It’s neither good or bad in that it’s a sign that a lot of people are aware of the music and aware of the band and are appreciating the band, but it’s bad in the sense that…you have to be on your best behavior.”

In continuing to formulate a relationship, Capital Cities keeps their fans up to date on what they are doing through social media such as their website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

“It will give our fans a chance to see who we are on the inside, outside of music, and the things we like.” They even have a Tumblr blog called In a Town of Buns and Gyros that explains the various restaurants and culinary experiences that they have on the road.

Aside from being able to do what he loves to do, which is make music, Simonian’s favorite thing about being in Capital Cities is being able to travel to different parts of the world. “It’s very important to me to learn about other cultures and other art and architecture and food.” Simonian looks forward to the future as Capital Cities travels to Asia next month for the first time and shoots more music videos. They are currently working on the video for their second single, Kangaroo Court

“I can’t wait to tour more, visit more countries … make more music and music videos.”