Capital Cities to Perform at Pyramid Breweries’ 16th Annual Snow Cap Party
Capital Cities headline Pyramid Brewery's 16th Annual Snow Cap Party. Awesome music & endless supplies of wheat beer? What more could you need?!

Posted by Johannah Juarez on December 5th, 2013 at 1:46 PM

The opportunities that arise out of Craigslist are endless. At least that’s what singer songwriters Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian have shown us through the electro stylings of Capital Cities. With such an upbeat tempo, and sporting singles like “Safe and Sound” that have gone viral, it’s no wonder Pyramid Brewery has asked the group to headline their 16th Annual Pyramid Snow Cap Party this Saturday December 7.

What began as a Craigslist post by Sebu Simonian asking for production work developed into a partnership between him and Ryan Merchant creating jingles for companies like Honda and Hallmark. The Los Angeles unit of Simonian and Merchant composed “Safe and Sound” in 2009. The single had to go international before hitting home. The song became wildly popular in Lima, Peru of all places. Heavy airplay in South America traveled fast into to the States. That led to a deal with Capitol Records, who released the duo’s debut album In a Tidal Wave of Mystery this past June.

Merchant and Simonian, joined forces with band members Manny Quintero (bassist), Spencer Ludwig (trumpeter), Nick Merwin (guitarist), and Channing Holmes (drummer) before embarking on their North American tour “Dancing with Strangers” this past April.

As their travels began in Phoenix, AZ, they released the official music video to “Safe and Sound.” It showcases a mash up of the past 100 years of dance. It received two MTV Music Video Awards; one for best direction, one for best visual effects.

They seem to have a knack for visual narratives in addition to jingles and beats. This past September their music video to “Kangaroo Court” (one of the more popular jams off their album) recounts a tale of a Zebra who tries to get into a club known as The Kangaroo Court. He’s directed to a notice that reads “No Zebras allowed.” Disguising himself as a Horse, he sneaks in and finds himself dancing at the club with a Poodle. The Poodle’s Bulldog boyfriend discovers the Zebra’s true identity and strips off his coat. The Zebra faces a Kangaroo judge the next day, who sentences him to execution. But what are you doing reading about the video? You should really just see it for yourself.


Capital Cities have gained international recognition in record time. Will they maintain the same level of notoriety through the course of their development? Anyone remember Gotye? What else did he produce besides “Somebody That I Used to Know?”

Despite the similar single buzz pattern, don’t let the one hit wonder concept fool you! Inspired by the works of Daft Punk, Phoenix, and Air, we’re sure to hear developed beats and distinct sounds from Capital Cities as the years go on.

With recently sold out shows in LA and NYC, Capital Cities at Pyramid Brewery this Saturday December 7 seems like a gem in a sea of weekend picks for Seattle. Nestled in an igloo of a tent in Pyramid Brewery’s lot, the 2012 Snow Cap Party featured a masterfully crafted ice luge, beer pong, and a photo booth. This year is sure to bring similar happenings in addition to Capital Cities, with Leagues opening the night. AND when was the last time you visited a venue in Seattle that had an endless variety of wheat beers on tap? Tickets and details are still available here.