Posted by SSRecs on October 22, 2013

In the new age of dance there are hits and there are full on anthems. Successful tracks in the world of radio mean you don’t even have the chance to stop humming the tune. Upon entrance to the top, LA-based composers and producers Capital Cities have unlocked star status with their hit single ‘Safe and Sound’. In anticipation of the band’s upcoming tour we chatted about beginnings and arrival at the top.

It’s no secret that the Internet has been an invaluable addition to music as a whole. From introduction to promotion, independent producers have thrived in the interwebz. Ryan and Sebu’s musical friendship began on Craigslist. You can literally find anything on the often-sketchy site, why not the humble beginnings of a Billboard topping tune.

We all know the road for emerging musicians is a hard one. Endless stretches of cup noodles and empty gas tanks seem to be the path to success in an industry with countless competitors. Producers in Hollywood probably best recognize the income generator available in commercials. The duo started here, perfectly crafting sounds for advertising. When big brands are footing the bill perfection is key. Ryan and Sebu developed their creativity and sound behind the scenes while composing for paying outlets. This stage inevitably led to the creation of the Capital Cities sound, a popular blend of indie dance.

With only a few tracks seeing the light of day since the group’s induction in 2009, originals prove to be catchy and dance-ready. At home in the studio, the two have composed tracks made for live but still boasting a dance groove. Appearing on Ultra Music Festival’s live stage, the five-piece act shows fitting for events across to musical spectrum. When asked about influences Sebu’s response is exactly what you want to hear for classically inspired new-age composer.

“What sounds influenced Capital Cities? Chopin, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode”

From independent beginnings, the single ‘Safe and Sound’ is a prime example of how a track can evolve and grow. Originally self-released in 2011 the tune has steadily gained steam hitting Platinum in Germany and Italy as well as Gold in Australia. Through Internet trickle, the two promoting in LA gained initial exposure abroad fueling the track month after month. After catching the ear of label giant Capitol Records, the rapid ascent began after the tracks re-release. Pinning their rise on blog support and the Hype Machine aggregator, the tune spread like wildfire one share at a time.

“Try to make the best music you can and push it onto the Internet as hard as you can. If it’s good music people will spread the word”

Kicking off a tour October 20, Capital Cities head across the US accompanied by Fitz and the Tantrums. With 32 dates at many iconic venues this fun live event is not something to miss. With a bunch of touring and video work on the horizon it seems ‘Safe and Sound’ will be rocking the airwaves for months to come. Composers like these two offer an interesting look into electronic music’s infusion into pop. Official remixes by names like RAC and Tommie Sunshine show that their singles are welcome on the dance floor. Looks for Capital Cities on stage near you.