Capital Cities & Night Terrors of 1927

Showbox Sodo, Seattle, WA

Ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to live. But when Capital Cities told Sunday’s SoDo audience to dance, we happily, indulgently obliged, and with some serious (and some seriously questionable) dance moves. Despite the group’s quick two-step instructional, this crowd let loose with abandon and thoroughly participated in what may have been the dance party of the year.

The show opened after the group starred in a quick big-screen ad for Xbox’s new game, Forza, after which the screen was removed and a blindingly colorful light show began. With the full band in tow, these guys ripped into their big hits, as well as a perfectly selected and ingeniously assembled handful of covers. Trumpeter Spencer Ludwig grabbed some serious kudos for his horn-blowing chops, and the band as a whole sounded crisp and well-rehearsed.

To make the whole affair even sweeter, they brought gifts! During a quick break between songs, front men Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian took it upon themselves to toss the audience some locally purchased swag (i.e.: Chinese finger-traps, kitten figurines, and a copy of the aforementioned Xbox Forza game).

Capital Cities closed out an extended encore with the Cash Cash remix of their smash hit, “Safe and Sound,” calling for everyone to remove whatever shirts or jackets they might have and swing them through the air. Rather than actually performing the song, instead the band chose to simply play the track and danced along with the crowd.

If you haven’t already been sold as a Capital Cities fan, take a shot and get yourself a ticket to their live show. Given that they’re on their last leg of touring for some time, you will have to act fast… or buy a ticket to South America. If you do luck out and catch the show, I bet you’ll be an easy convert to the synth-pop side of things.