Capital Cities

In a Tidal Wave of Mystery

June 05, 2013

Their debut EP dropped almost two years ago and their single "Safe and Sound" worked sufficiently to catapult the band far enough into the public eye, garnering them a full-on record deal that dropped just yesterday (6/4). The debut record, entitled In a Tidal Wave of Mystery, features all six tracks from the band's original EP as well as six brand new songs. While the EP's "Patience Gets Us Nowhere" and "Safe and Sound" still serve as the absolutely best (and really, very fucking good) tracks, there are some other admirable and altogether dance-y tracks to adore from this L.A.-based synthpop duo. Bouncy, bubbly and bright "Kangaroo Court" is a fun new addition as is "Origami". Of course, the most fun aspect of this whole record is that '70s disco tinge that touches every single track.

—Alysa zavala