by Amy Sciarretto November 27, 2013 3:57 PM

Capital Cities‘ cray cray catchy electro-pop ditty ‘Safe and Sound’ is not a song with a super deep meaning, but it is one with a sentiment that we can all relate to. It also is one of those songs that you can discover a deeper meaning to if you just scratch the surface a little.

?”You could be my luck / Even if the sky is falling down / I know that we’ll be safe and sound.”

No matter what happens, the narrator is stoked to have that one person that is his rock, the one who keeps him safe and sound. It’s like the old saying goes: It’s better to be in chains with friends than in a garden with strangers. As long as you’re accompanied by someone you know and love, you’re protected on a larger level.

“I could show you love / In a tidal wave of mystery / You’ll still be standing next to me.”

We all have that person who we can count on no matter what is going on. It’s tall order, but someone’s got to serve in that role.

“You could be my luck / Even if we’re six feet underground / I know that we’ll be safe and sound.”

The song is about weathering storms with the right people sharing your umbrella. Life or death, as long as you’ve got the right wingman or a wingwoman in your corner, you’re golden.

PopCrushers, what’s your take on Cap Cities’ ‘Safe and Sound?’ Are you interpreting something altogether different? Or are you feelin’ us?