Safe and Sound (Side Two Remix) – Capital Cities (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Capital Cities debut hit ‘Safe and Sound’ took the world by storm in 2013. Topping charts world wide and even receiving a Grammy nod for their accompanying music video. Now, after months of testing it out in the clubs, Side Two has decided to release a free download of their remix after amassing over 13 000 plays on SoundCloud. Featuring a more upbeat and hard hitting groove while still remaining true to the original, the Side Two remix will definitely become one of your new favorites.

Presenting: Side Two, the DJ and production tandem whose transcendence of genres is set to unify all lovers of music based on good tunes, rather than sticking to a typical, predictable mold. Standing side by side, this duo represents that hidden gem that one could find on side two of your favorite pressed vinyl. This Canadian tandem pays tribute to their mentors, while creating a multidimensional production-presentation brand.

As long time fans of music spanning several notable eras and genres, Side Two has found a way to bring you the best that music has to offer ranging from the king of soul, James Brown to hip-hop’s current crowned jewel, Kanye West, to up and coming indie gems, Capital Cities; there are no limits to the sonic influences on these musical mavericks.

Safe and Sound (Side Two Remix) link: