Posted on May 20, 2013

Capital Cities, Gold Fields & Lovelife

Caught Capital Cities last week at the Virgin Mod Club! It was a Monday night in Toronto, but they totally rocked it! They got everyone pumped up and moving as soon as they came on just with their amazing stage presence and energy. Frontmen Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian can seriously groove! Their signature move; the Capital Cities Shuffle is definitely worth the full ticket price just to see! It was refreshing to see such cute moves from a band, and they looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

The trumpeter was a class act on his own. That, along with ‘in-da-club’ synths, keyboards and bass gives Capital Cities that unique epic sound. Their vocals are clear and crisp compared to the previous band, which i felt was a little drowned out. Kudos to them for building up a fan base through grassroot efforts to secure a record deal with Capitol Records which is a HUGE DEAL.

Two really great new bands opened for Capital Cities; Brit synth-lovin’ electro pop group Lovelife and indie band Gold Fields hailing from Ballarat, Australia. Although I am really digging Lovelife, I was unfortunately late and missed their set. Their sound is definitely darker and more emotionally-charged which sucks you in. Their track ‘She makes it look so easy’ is playing on repeat; the lyrics is blah though, but is a seriously addictive tune with unreal falsettos. Very bummed to have missed seeing them live.

The indie electronic quintet Gold Fields was off the hooks! The heavy hitting bass was bringing the house down! Great show from them too. Their EP released in 2010 has some rocking tracks. If I could only grab vocalist Mark Robert Fuller, shake him hard and tell him to stop turning his back to the audience! He keeps doing that constantly which is slightly distracting from the great performance otherwise. A new young band to watch out for!