LA locals Capital Cities play’s KROQ’s Sold Out Almost Acoustic Christmas

Capital Cities has a unique way of catching your attention with their indie pop vibes and dance club music. The indie pop duo is sure to put on an energetic show with their catchy beats and their passion for performance that will be on display for two Southern California shows; Sun, Dec 8 at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas and ringing in the new year at the Observatory Dec. 31.

Their hit “Safe and Sound” made its way to the Billboards and has been receiving attention ever since. The song has the perfect amount of catchy indie styling’s that features unusual tendencies with their lively club trumpets coming in at just the right time to make your head spin, it ‘is so full of energy that you can’t help but dance.

It’s no surprise that these two former jingle writers have a way of producing catchy songs. The two writers came together through a craigslist posting looking for song collaborators, and they couldn’t have found a better match.

OC Concert Guide go to catch up with Ryan Merchant from Capital Cities to get a look at what the artist are up too now that they transformed from their own indie label to a major label.

OCCG: This year you will be performing at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas looking at the line up there will be a lot of great artist whose performance are you looking forward too?
RM: It truly is a ridiculously awesome line up of bands. We just completed a co-headlining tour with Fitz and The Tantrums and their show is one of the best in the business that we recommend everyone see. You will be converted into a die-hard fan.

OCCG: Being LA locals KROQ is one of the top stations in LA, now your music is playing on the station, how does it feel?
RM: We feel lucky to be a part of this family of bands that they have supported, and in turn, helped achieve great heights within the music business. Their influence cannot be overstated.

OCCG: Before becoming Capitol Cities you wrote Jingles, for commercials and ads do you still do that as side work?
RM: Our jingle writing has been put on the back burner due to our heavy touring schedule, but that is not to say we wouldn’t one day go back and test out our commercial writing skills.

OCCG: How did you feel once you realized “Safe and Sound” made it on the Billboard charts and was becoming nationally recognized?
RM: Electrified

OCCG: What was it like venturing into your own label Lazy Hooks? How was the music industry doing when you decided to make that decision? Would you do it again?
RM: It was like birthing a child and then watching that child grow up to become a productive, kind adult. Although neither of us, being males, would know what birthing a child feels like.

OCCG: Now you are on a major label instead of your own indie label, what is the biggest difference?
RM: More money and a talented staff of people ready to help us execute fun ideas.

OCCG: Are you a part of a Performing Rights Organization if so which one? Do you think it is important to be a part of one?
RM: One of us belongs to BMI and the other to ASCAP. It’s very important unless you want to personally deal with the tedious task of making sure royalties get paid on everything you’ve ever written and registered as your intellectual property.

OCCG: Any projects you guys are working on rights now?
RM: Lots of touring and hopefully some new music very soon.

OCCG: What can we find on your IPod right now?
RM: Rhye, Disclosure, George Benson.