Capital Cities looks forward to bringing a tidal wave of mystery to the Carolinas next month
Ariel Clayborn | October 29, 2013 |

Known for their enormous sunglasses and their single “Safe and Sound” from the group’s studio album “In a Tidal Wave of Mystery,” Capital Cities has transcended the indie genre and delved into the world of pop music, storming the Top 40. In addition to being a hit in the States, “Safe and Sound” has topped charts in countries such as Germany, Mexico and Italy.

“It’s a song that helped us get to where we are today,” said band member Ryan Merchant. “It started off in a very grass roots manner. We put the song on the internet, and it just started to spread organically.”

Although the single “Safe and Sound” has since become a global hit, the group has no intentions of being a one-hit wonder. In light of the single’s immense success, Capital Cities continues to gain fans with the release of other singles like “Kangaroo Court.” Merchant likes to especially direct Capital Cities listeners to the group’s recent “Farrah Fawcett Hair” music video on YouTube, which the group collaborated on with André 3000.

One of the unique aspects of the group that is becoming a quintessential part of their music are the sounds of the trumpet, which packs a dynamic punch to their performances.

“I think the integration of the trumpet into pretty much every song that we play is a unique feature of Capital Cities … people love him and it just adds some spice to the show,” said Merchant.

Another dynamic part of Capital Cities’s performances is that they are all about having uninhibited fun. The group likes to use their music to challenge their fans with changing chord progressions, melodies and instrumentation.

“We like to put surprises in our music that feel novel, that feel unique and fresh, in addition to the sort of familiar that you get in our music, which is what people can latch onto,” said Merchant.

Unfortunately, Capital Cities is no longer wearing their iconic giant sunglasses or giving sunglasses out at their shows, but the trademark look is still used in the group’s performances as stage props.

“For this new tour, we actually built a new, upgraded version of those sunglasses that’s probably up to 2 1/2 times the size,” said Merchant. “It’s definitely become a part of our brand and a part of our vibe. We might stick with it for a while.”

The group has much to look forward to in the upcoming year. Although they have already toured overseas, Capital Cities plans to continue expanding their fan base across the globe with new music releases in 2014. Good news is also in store for Capital Cities fans as well. Sebu Simonian, the additional member of the Capital Cities duo, is expecting the birth of his son in February. The group’s trumpet player has also purchased a trombone, which may become another quirky addition to Capital Cities’ unique sound in future albums.

Merchant is very excited to bring the Capital Cities experience to the Carolinas next month.

“I can’t wait. I love Charlotte. I love North Carolina,” said Merchant.

Capital Cities will be performing on Nov. 6 at Amos’ Southend. Doors open at 7 p.m.