Say Hello To… Capital Cities

May 14, 2013
By Amanda Darrock

It’s catchy, upbeat, electrifying collaborative magic, and all created by the magical minds of Capital Cities.

The group who are causing a wave of dance and awesome alternative sound throughout the world, stopped in Toronto last night to play the Virgin Mobile Mod Club.

The Los Angeles based duo first came on the scene in the summer of 2011 when they released their debut, self-titled EP. Though at that point the group had only been together under the creatively titles name of Capital Cities, for less than a year, Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, have been working together on music for years prior.

“We met on Craigslist,” tells Simonian. “I put out this one single ad randomly saying that I’m available as a producer and I’m looking for artists. Ryan was actually interested in developing his solo career. He was the one and only person that answered my ad and came over and we hit it off. The creative chemistry was really good, we soon fell into writing music for commercials. Over the years we did some collaboration and actually writing for commercials helped us, hone our production skills and give us the tools to do good work as artists. On the creative side of things and all that collaboration over the years naturally lead to us wanting to start a band after building up a repertoire of ideas and songs.”

After the release of their E.P caused a stir in the musical world and has since allowed the duo to travel around the globe, thrilling fans and making the beats power up the venues. As the numbers increase show after show, Simonian and Merchant have been enjoying the crowds and continue to look forward to the future.

“Were lucky enough to have a lot of support right from the get go,” says Simonian. “It’s just now the numbers are getting bigger. Starting off with tiny house parties and bars in our home-town in front of 30 people. We had a few blogs when we first released our songs to the Internet, blogs which, had viewership of ten people, all the blogs that wrote about us, just made it bigger and bigger gradually and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Having just finished playing Edgefest in Dallas and continuing their tour around the states and Canada. The duo will return to Toronto on July 31 to play Edgefest at Donwsview Park. Osheaga is also on their tour schedule.

With a beat and sound that will get any ones hips moving, and a growing fan base, Capital Cities are worth your consideration.

“The crowd can expect a lot of singing along, and a lot of dancing, strong beats which make you want to move your butt a little bit and dual unison vocals. It’s a celebration.”