CD Reviews: Capital Cities; Mount Kimbie; Majical Cloudz; Alice in Chains; Della Mae; LeAnn Rimes

By Journal Sentinel staff

May 28, 2013

Capital Cities
In a Tidal Wave of Mystery
Capitol Records/Lazy Hooks

It's a safe bet that "Safe and Sound," the lead single off Capital Cities' debut full-length "In a Tidal Wave of Mystery" is going to be a solid hit this summer. The mix of optimistic lyrics, smooth synths, steady beats, the occasional funky warble and a triumphant trumpet lick makes for a great opening number on the album.

Whether any other song will break out remains a mystery, but in terms of creativity, the dance-pop duo is no one-hit wonder. "Kangaroo Court" coasts on disco grooves and jazzy horn flourishes, while "Tell Me How to Live" starts off with lively funk lines and Bee Gees-style vocals before the birth of a sitar cleanser. "Farrah Fawcett Hair" is hysterically bizarre, with an NPR-style narrator and shout outs to such "cool (expletive)" as "sunsets," "democracy," "Daniel Day-Lewis," "Nutella," "public bathrooms with scented candles" and "Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.'"

Even with Andre 3000, the odd song structure and s-bombs guarantee this won't be a radio hit, but that doesn't make the track any less fun and fresh.

— Piet Levy,

"In a Tidal Wave of Mystery" comes out June 4. Capital Cities performs June 27 on Summerfest's U.S. Cellular Connection Stage.