Leslie VenturaFri, Sep 19, 2014 (1:43 p.m.

They played the inaugural Life is Beautiful festival, graced Cosmo's Boulevard Pool and Chelsea and now they’re breaking in a new venue on Saturday: the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center. We talked to one half of Capital Cities, singer and keyboardist Sebu Simonian, via email about what goes into their stellar show (hint: it involves “herbs” and alcohol) and what “indie” means to them.

Capital Cities comes to Las Vegas a lot. What is it about Vegas that keeps you coming back? The blips, the boops and of course the twinkles.

Surely you have a crazy story or two. What’s one of the wildest things that has happened to you while in Vegas? One time, we went all out. Another time, we went all in.

You’re referred to as an indie band, but you’re on Capitol Records, a major label. Why do you think people refer to you as such—and do you think “indie” is an accurate description for the band? There are numerous examples of major label bands that are called “indie.” I think “indie” refers to a sound or style rather than label affiliation. This style sometimes creeps into our sound, but we swiftly contain it.

Is there a new album in the works? What can you tell us about it? Yes. We have about a dozen demos in the incubator. It will sound like nothing you have ever heard, because you haven’t heard it yet, although I will admit it may sound a little bit like Capital Cities.

Your live show is so much fun. What goes into preparing for a show? Organic herbs and spices. Good whiskey. Stretching.

Why is it important to keep a live instrument like the trumpet onstage, as opposed to using a synth like most electro-pop bands? Well, fundamentally, the conceptualization of an actuality that is the natural tone of the trumpet can only be replicated emotionally without the deterioration of sound waves into digital fragmentations.

Got any tricks up your sleeve for this next Vegas show? Syncopated synchronicity.

What does a typical night in Vegas look like for you? Steak, wine and an arty, sexy show that involves trampolines.

Capital Cities With Joywave, Saturday, September 20, 9 p.m., $25,