Grooving into 2014 with Capital Cities

January 7, 2014

Megan Driscoll

If it weren’t glaringly obvious by now, I’m a big fan of LA’s own Capital Cities. I’m also a big fan of New Year’s Eve, seeing as how I love new beginnings, sequins, and drinking. What better way, then, to ring in the new year than by catching Capital Cities’ New Year’s Eve concert in beautiful Orange County?

The duo’s exhilarating performance at the Greek Theatre in November was still pretty fresh in my mind, and so I expected nothing less from this performance than the incredible energy I’d seen the first time around. Inside the much smaller, sold-out Observatory in Santa Ana, that energy multiplied exponentially. Maybe the excitement of New Year’s Eve or the close quarters or the free-flowing spirits played some part, but in my experienced opinion, ’twas Capital Cities’ unholy groove what whipped the crowd into such a frenzy thar, matey. (You’ll have to excuse me — I slipped into my Irish pirate alter ego there for a moment. As you do.)

The incomparable Spencer Ludwig, trumpeter extraordinaire, once again stole the show. Also, the man knows how to wear a pair of socks, ladies.

By the way, if you like socks, Spencer, trumpeting, Capital Cities, or any combination thereof, you can follow Spencer on Twitter (@TrumpetLudwig) and get in on #spencersocksunday. Post a picture of yourself performing a random act of kindness with the hashtag #spencersocksunday, and you could win some tight-ass socks like the ones Spencer himself wears. Pretty cool, huh?

The band reprised favorites from their debut album, including “Kangaroo Court,” “Farrah Fawcett Hair,” “Origami,” and, of course, “Safe and Sound,” which I’m not tired of even after using the song as my alarm clock for the last three months in a deliberate attempt to get over it. At the show’s perfectly timed climax, we counted down to midnight, kissed the strangers next to us (well, I did, anyway), and danced our way into 2014 with Ryan, Sebu, Spencer, and the rest of Capital Cities. Confetti floated through the air, champagne popped, and the band and fans alike mixed onstage in celebration. The perfect way to end a great year. Love you, Capital Cities.