KELOHA PROFILES: CAPITAL CITIES wear their sunglasses at day

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AAAHHHHHHH grrrrrr pffffff!!! Now do I have to pack some wardrobe changes for the upcoming KELOHA festival?!

Fine, I've completely fallen for the massive sunglasses and by the end of summer, I hope we all look like Capital Cities. Oversized, plastic, neon bright sunglasses are the new black ... and we have 2 men to blame. The boys behind the smash touring group CAPITAL CITIES, Ryan Merchant and Sebu Semonian are definitely guilty as charged.

Or is there more to the story?

Speaking with Sebu over the phone last week, while he and his partner were driving through the United States toward Memphis and Delaware, I got the lowdown on the origin of this exciting yet terrifying trademark.

“The giant sunglasses are a balance of us being a bit silly and cool at the same time. The glasses were kind of a spontaneous moment during one of the photo shoots for our first EP, where during the first 95% of the shoot, we were striving to be cool. At the very last minute, my wife got the idea to try the sunglasses from our Halloween party the night before, and the shots turned out better than all the rest and the image stuck.”. Well, the girl’s got style!!!

CAPITAL CITIES perform at KELOHA - Sunday, July 7th - Island Stage - 7:15 PM -
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History in the making, and these guys definitely have a long story ahead of them to tell.

Both members of Capital Cities can attest that their career rise did not come from a chance contest win or a freak accident. Ryan Merchant, with a university education in Literature, and Sebu Semonian having graduated with a Bachelor of Music, came to find each other through social networking and self exploration in work opportunities. Knowing that the chances of hitting the Top 10 right away with their passion for electro-pop alone were slim, the two collaborated writing advertising jingles, allowing a day job to facilitate an evening life in the studio.

The results for the pair have been phenomenal, and a genuine rise in popularity has taken them across the world to share their sounds and energy with the world. With Top 10 Modern Rock radio hits like “Safe and Sound”, Capital Cities certainly has a message that the world is hearing with eager ears.

“ ‘Safe and Sound’ touches down a bit on the dark side of life, every verse describes a moment or scene of the end of the world. ‘Even if the sky is falling down, I know we will be Safe and Sound.’, shares Sebu, “This makes the bright side of life even more bright, and reminds us that life is a balance and we can dance our way through any kind of tragedy.”.

This energy and positive message has brought the Capital Cities dynamic duo to the main stages of such legendary North American festivals as Sasquatch, ULTRA in Miami and coming soon, the beautiful KELOHA in Kelowna, Canada. Their tour schedule has been relentless, with back-to-back-to-back dates across the US and Canada. Once September 2013 hits, the pair will cross the pond and enlighten the dance floors across Europe.

Another element of Capital Cities production work was their tribute to previous dance legends through their cover work. A brilliant slowed down groovy remix of the Bee Gees 1977 classic “Stayin‘ Alive” was a clear standout for me. The brilliant thought pattern that the boys followed was to help the lyrics become more recognizable and poignant by slowing the track down and focussing on the words. The result is an extremely understandable and danceable re-rub that will bring a familiar smile to your footwork.

Care to try it out for yourself? Grab your big shades, a cold bevvie and some comfortable dancing shoes!!!