Capital Cities - Music

One recent evening in the 303, LA synth pop and Aussie dance rock took over the stage at the Gothic Theater to show the Colorado crowd a foot-stomping, hooting-hollering good night of light-hearted dance tracks, soaring dreamy melodies and heavy hitting, new-wave inspired rock. Breakout sensations Capital Cities is on a nationwide tour with with support from another Los Angeles based act, DWNTWN, and the buzzed about Austalian act Gold Fields. The show at the Gothic, the tour’s last date in Colorado, was a high energy evening to say the least. Gold Fields and DWNTWN finished their stint supporting Capital Cities this weekend at the Rey Theater in Los Angeles, but all three artists have tour dates throughout the summer and fall so be sure to check them out when they hit a town near you!

Taking the stage first was DWNTWN, an indie pop group from LA. Branding their sound as “dreamy synth pop”, this trio delicately navigates between light hearted bouncy tunes, emotional and ethereal ballads, and snarky yet catchy tracks like “Stood Me Up”, which lead singer Jaime touted as the band’s favorite song. This zinger off of DWNTWN’s most recent release, The Red Room EP, was one of our favorites as well. We also loved “Transition”, which had a heavier beat paired with dreamy vocals. The epic build was reminiscent of M83 and it had the eeiry feel of some of our favorite Swedish electro pop. Before launching into the band’s final song, Jaime prompted the crowd, “I don’t want to dance alone anymore. That’s a shame”. With their catchy tunes and buoyant melodies, we doubt DWNTWN will have to dance alone anymore.

A 5-piece featuring 2 drummers, Gold Fields have blazed their way from the Australian music scene to the world stage, getting tapped as one of MTV’s Artists to Watch for 2013. Their unique brand of dance rock blends new wave, indie, and good hard rock’n'roll into an interesting melange. Tracks like “You’re Still Gone” call to mind Joy Division, and any time those double drums drop in heavy the sound is rich and irresistible. At times the lyrics and vocals can tend to the sappy Coldplay vibe, without the orchestral richness. However, Gold Fields is not to be pigeon-holed or compared to closely with any one artist. Keep on an eye on these Aussies as they make their mark.

When Capital Cities took the stage, the duo of frontmen, Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant, defied time. Striding in front of a giant LED pair of sunglasses and sporting matching members only jackets, CC began the show with a psychedelic throw-back. Covering Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” is a fairly ambitious start for a show, but the funky cover was on point, and Capital Cities gave it some of their signature flair, building the energy before launching into some of their own more infectious tracks like ”Kangaroo Court” and “Love Away”. We love the positive message of CC’s lyrics and their light-hearted approach to shows…complete with crowd-surfing, dance lessons and sing alongs. Capital Cities performance is just as silly and lively as we would have expected from their Safe and Sound video. The choreographed dance moves and careful calculation all add up to maximum fun. An awesome mix of 70s and 80s covers, including “Stayin Alive” and an encore that included Madonna’s “Holiday” , was the perfect dance party complement to CC’s fun and punchy pop, which itself shows heavy disco influence in the bass lines and synth use . The band also showcased loads of new tracks, such as the clever “Sold My Bed But Not My Stereo”, off of their debut album In A Tidal Wave of Mystery, as well their breakout hit “Safe and Sound”. This track, impossible to get out of your head, is made all the more irrestisble with a healthy dose of wailing live trumpet. And during the encore the group even brought out a heavy hitting remix by Cash Cash that stirred the dancefloor into a frenzy. Sebu’s epic stage dive (sternly prohibited, along with crowd-surfing, according to signs posted in the Gothic), blew the energetic roof of of the place, and it seemed no one wanted the party to stop.

Capital Cities’ star is rapidly rising, so be sure to follow their media, find a tour date near you, and get your hands on their debut album, in stores and on iTunes now!