Capital Cities Talk Making "Safe and Sound," "Kangaroo Court" Videos

"We like to build little worlds around our songs," the synthpop duo say of their extraordinary music videos
Jeff Benjamin / October 30, 2013


Watching a music video by synthpop duo Capital Cities is like being transported to another dimension for five minutes. "Kangaroo Court" (watch below) is a land where animals eat Chinese food, wear hoodies and go clubbing, while "Safe and Sound" is a mashup of vintage dance clips pasted into a modern-day club. Fuse caught up with the L.A. band to learn the inspiration behind their fantastical visuals.

"We like to build little worlds around our songs," explains member Ryan Merchant. "It turns it into this more complete piece of art. You have a song that is a piece of music, but it also tells a story so that it's a narrative."

Watch the clip above to find out how the duo fared taking dance lessons for their videos. In case you missed it, find out why Capital Cities' debut LP, In a Tidal Wave of Mystery, is one of Fuse's favorite albums of 2013 so far.