AMS Album of the Week: In a Tidal Wave of MysteryGeorge Spence-Jones reviews an album by Capital Cities
George A Spence-Jones
Music - Friday October 18, 2013

Whilst we were all fussing over the hottest and driest summer since 2006, something radiant happened on the infinitely more weather-blessed West Coast of the US. I’m not talking about the small yet progressive steps our darling cousins are taking for gay rights, but I am in fact referring to the release of Capital Cities’ true gem of a debut album, Iwn a Tidal Wave of Mystery.

The lyrical duo of Capital Cities, Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian (a fabulous name only rivalled by his cracking beard), have produced an album in which you will be taken on a veritable journey of upbeat and feel-good electro inspired creations paired with languid and well-written indie tunes. Their success in producing a diverse album makes for an interesting and refreshing listen with great promise for their future. [Inb4 jack of all trades].

Our opinion of music is often affected by the everyday, non-sonic stimuli. For example, if we are experiencing the joys of love there are certain songs that appeal to us and if the artist has fallen on hard times then that can very much be apparent in the music. In this case, I believe my opinion of the vocals is buoyed somewhat by the palpable bond between Ryan and Sebu. In fact, this album is chock full of jaunty, get up and go tunes which make you just want to grab your bff (Safe and Sound, Origami). If you end up liking this album’s vibe, check out their really funky covers of the classics Stayin’ Alive, Holiday and Nothing Compares 2 U.

For those interested in music videos, Safe and Sound is certainly worth its weight in gold. [On a charming aside, if anyone is a fan of vsauce you will be familiar with how one might weigh a music video] Ok I digress. Anyway, at first you think, “Ah! Dance styles from throughout the ages and two chaps dancing ecstatically celebrating their successful foray into the music scene; that’s cool.” But upon further investigation (and I owe this insight to a particularly observant and savvy West Coast gal) you realise that there was real talent behind the elegant and seamless combination of the footage for the music video which produces a simply incredible visual feast.

I will bring this review to a close with a tip of my top hat to the promising Ryan and Sebu for this joy, thank you.