Review | Capital Cities @ Venue – May 28th 2013

May 31, 2013 by Tasha Dee

Capital Cities is my new favourite band.

First of all, let me say that going to a concert after a crazy day at work was the last thing I wanted to do Tuesday night. In fact, my anger was increasingly fuelled by the discovery that the friend who’d convinced me to go to the show for a band who I didn’t even really know suddenly couldn’t go, which left me solo. The night started out with a very annoyed me.

Due to my intense annoyance at the world, I’d planned to arrive late enough so as to catch the band just as they were about to hit the stage. My annoyance was kicked up a notch when I arrived to find that the openers were still playing. I looked at my watch: “9:45?! Facebook told me that Capital Cities should be on now! I should go home! Where’s my beer?!” Sigh. The crowd was thick with people, so I made my way upstairs to escape them, and to find booze and a hole to hide in.

Seriously, I was not happy to be there. I even have written in my notes “No one to chat with. I don’t even KNOW this band. I don’t even care. WHY IS THIS CHICK TOUCHING MY ARM?!” Yea. My inner whiny was in full force.

After 30-ish minutes of waiting, 5 guys in black bowling jackets with “Capital Cities” emblazoned on the back and tight skinny black jeans hit the stage. I suddenly felt like I was in a John Hughes’ film: it felt like 1985 and these guys were the background music to whatever shenanigans were about to take place. All we needed was Molly Ringwald. And I don’t say that out of crankiness – when these guys came out and started to play, I was thrust into the ‘80s because that’s exactly what their electro-rock sound feels like. Their music is the perfect mix of every song I loved as a kid, but with a modern twist and a live freakin’ trumpet player! It was like a magical cure for all my cranky.

My cranky self wanted to hate them, but I just couldn’t. Their music is fun, and their energy alone could make a concert-hater soften. They even threw in a few cover songs including Madonna’s “Holiday”, Sinead O’Connor’s (and Prince’s, I guess) “Nothing Compares 2 U”, and the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive”. I was in heaven. The two lead singers were in total synch when they sang, when they taught the entire crowd how to do the “Capital Cities Shuffle”, and especially when they busted out the running man. The energy this band brings to a show is infectious and everyone caught it.

On Tuesday night, those of us in the crowd didn’t just go to a concert; we all went to a Capital Cities dance party and it was the best time ever. How is this band not bigger? Every other review I’ve read about them has been nothing short of amazing. And for the first time in ever for me, there was no encore – and that’s because, as their last song faded out, a remix of their hit “Safe and Sound” began to play and these guys made their way into the crowd to dance with us and exclaimed, “This is our favourite part of a show! Dancing with all of you!”

I wanted to hug them all while we danced in a big love circle.

Seriously, Capital Cities is one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live. I don’t care where you live. If you hear that these guys are playing, you shut up and go. And bring your dancing pants, because you will need them.