November 22, 2013
Fitz and the Tantrums and Capital Cities ‘Bright Futures Tour’ Concert
By Shalayne Pulia

The Trumpet stole the show at Wednesday night’s Fitz and the Tantrums and Capital Cities concert. The crowd cheered as Spender Ludwig, trumpet master for Capital Cities, was bringing sexy back with a sultry sound to accompany the band’s pop/electronic vibe. Ludwig made a guest appearance toward the end of the show to jam with Fitz and the Tantrums’ saxophone guru.

The opener, Beat Club, held their own on stage but it wasn’t until the second band introduced their “Capital Cities Shuffle” to the crowd that things really livened up. As one can assume from “The Bright Futures Tour” title, these guys are all about getting people to their feet for a dance. And dance they did. Not the kind of dancing a college campus is used to, but the head bobbing, side to side shuffle kind of dancing per the band’s request.

It only went up from there as Capital Cities finished their set with a wild light show and an even more riled up crowd belting out the lyrics to their most popular “Safe and Sound” single.

The tour drew an eclectic crowd but rest assured, there was plenty of flannel to be enjoyed by all. Whether you were rocking the hipster getup, or movin’ and shakin’ in your snapback and tank, you were enjoying this show. Even fans with tickets for assigned seats found their bums up and bouncing to the beat.

Fitz and the Tantrums made sure the adrenaline from Capital Cities kept running through the crowd during their set. There was one exception with a slower, powerful song belted out by lead vocalist Michael Fitzpatrick and female vocalist Noelle Scaggs. They ran through their songs with high energy and high expectations for crowd participation. Audience members did not disappoint. Whether it was singing along to their cover of “Stayin’ Alive” or getting low with the band as they built up to one of their final songs (complete with a bright pink tickertape explosion from both ends of the stage).

It didn’t end there. Fits and the Tantrums had one more finale song up their sleeve before they let the audience go. It was “The Walker” featuring a characteristic lively beat and accompanying whistles.

You know it’s good when the audience members seem to enjoy themselves as much as the band members. There was no moshing, there was no crowd surfing or dirty dancing – save for a brief grinding sesh between Scaggs and Fitzpatrick – it was good, clean music appreciation.

There are just three more stops on their tour before they end it in Milwaukee at The Rave on the 23. The L.A. bands are no doubt up and coming in the music world. We have certainly not seen the last of them. Hopefully they can keep up the pace and high energy. Getting the crowd involved can make or break a show, and these guys nailed it. Just ask a concertgoer. Something tells me their crowd turnout will continue to grow if they keep this up. Something tells me they are up for the challenge.