Interview with Capital Cities

Capital Cities will perform in Jacksonville June 19th at Jack Rabbits. We got the inside BUZZ from band member Ryan Merchant about their new album, In a Title Wave of Mystery, their on tour antics and what it was like to work with Mandy Moore on their music video for the hit single Safe and Sound

BUZZ: How did you all meet?
RM: We met on Craigslist in 2008 when I responded to an ad Sebu posted offering his music production services.

BUZZ: What are some of the influences for your debut album, In a Title Wave of Mystery, which just released June 4th?
RM: Daft Punk, Air, Pink Floyd, Underworld, Radiohead, Michael Jackson etc….

BUZZ: How does it feel now that you have completed the process of recording and your debut album is finally out?
RM: It’s a relief. Now we get to focus on playing in front of as many people as possible to promote it.

BUZZ: What’s the most interesting thing to happen since you have been on tour?
RM: A nice chef that we met in Portland took us to his restaurant after hours and served us Ramen and Japanese whiskey at no charge. Next time we are in Portland we will hopefully get to treat him to a meal.

BUZZ: How was it working with Mandy Moore in your official music video of Safe and Sound?
RM: She is an incredibly warm person which is an important quality to have when trying to teach people something they aren’t comfortable doing. She put us at ease and gave us the confidence to dance with style.