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Review: Caleb Johnson tugs at the heart on 'Fighting Gravity' music video SPECIAL

By Markos Papadatos Mar 24, 2015 in Music
American Idol winner Caleb Johnson has released his new music video for "Fighting Gravity" and it is quite moving and powerful.

Johnson co-wrote "Fighting Gravity" with songwriters Lenny Skolnik and Brian Howes. It is the fifth track on his Testify album. His new music video can be seen on Yahoo's official page, by clicking here.

"And I'm crashing through the atmosphere, Without you I'm gasping it's hard to breathe, And I keep on stalling there's no fighting gravity," Johnson sings.

Fans ought to have a box of Kleenex ready. Johnson's vocals are raw and empowering, and reminiscent of those of fellow American Idol Season 7 winner David Cook. It is a haunting, piano-driven ballad that will hit the listener like a shot through the heart.

The Verdict
Caleb Johnson's new music video for "Fighting Gravity" is a true force to be reckoned with. It garners an A rating. He deserves a round of applause for a job well done. This is a harbinger for bigger and better things to come for Johnson.

For more information on American Idol Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson, check out his official website.