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Bob the Drag Queen and Shangela share stories of filming new drag show in small US towns: ‘We certainly got some pushback’

Jamie TabbererTuesday 30 Jun 2020 2:18 pm

RuPaul’s Drag Race icons Shangela and Bob the Drag Queen have discussed the experience of filming their HBO drag series We’re Here in small, conservative US towns. In the new show, the drag queens – alongside season 10 alumni Eureka – travel to small pockets of America to recruit locals for a community drag show. (The concept, naturally, provides ample opportunity for fierce looks in unlikely locations – as per the above). And while most people the trio met along the way were ‘overwhelmingly supportive’, some, suffice to say, were not.

‘We certainly got some pushback,’ season seven winner Bob told Rolling Stone. ‘But I also don’t want to paint these towns as places where we walked in and were called “f****s” and got pushed out — that’s not what happened,’ Bob added. ‘There was some resistance; there were moments where people would yell things out of their car, call us freaks, or call the cops on us, but generally speaking, people were overwhelmingly supportive.’

We’re glad to hear it.

Shangela added: ‘We go to a lot of conservative spaces and people ask me all the time like, “Oh my god, I was so scared for you, were you scared?” And the answer is, I grew up in a space similar to a lot of these places that we’re going to, around Confederate flags and in predominantly white areas where I was one of the only black gay people. So it doesn’t make me afraid, because I understand it.’

Bob won season eight of RPDR back in 2016. Shangela, meanwhile competed on seasons two and three of the show, before a strong turn on All Stars season three.