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Out & About: Barenaked Ladies at Harvester Performance Center

If you enjoy Roanoke radio station 101.5 FM The Mountain, you’ve heard Barenaked Ladies music. If you enjoy hit television show “The Big Bang Theory,” you’ve heard Barenaked Ladies.

If you want to go to Harvester Performance Center on Tuesday, you can see and hear one of Canada’s most popular musical exports live. Barenaked Ladies are heading toward their 30th year of goof-rocking existence, but this apparently will be the first time the band has played in Southwest Virginia.

Not that audiences aren’t familiar. It’sIts 1998 single “One Week” hit No. 1 on the Billboard pop chart that year, and it is still in rotation at 101.5. Not sure if you know it? Check it out the song, laden with pop culture references, at Other cool BNL songs include “Brian Wilson,” “It’s All Been Done” and “Pinch Me.”

Maybe the foursome is best known song for the “Big Bang Theory,” theme song, leading with the lyrics “Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state.”

The lineup has remained pretty stable over the years. Singer/guitarist Steven Page left in 2009. Original keyboardist Andy Creggan left in about 1996.

Barenaked Ladies recently released a collection of songs from its catalog in tandem with vocal group The Persuasions. It’s a solid look at the band’s off-center look at songcraft (along with Persuasions’ song “Good Times”) and stellar harmonies.