Return to Berlin

Sex in Berlin: A Time-out with Teri Nunn
By Micael Shinafelt
Photos by Jeff Gros

The smell of your sex, the thought of you scream, the taste of you it makes me scream? Berlin is back at this year's Gay Pride Festival in Los Angeles. After blowing everyone away in '06 this seminal 80's band is here to make you horny all over again!

Teri Nunn and company are bringing sexy back, fuck; they are the ones who re-invented it, with their classic album Pleasure Victim? and their current return to form?

MS: I saw you for the first time live at Pride last year, I told one of your manager's Joy how blown away I was by you.

Teri: Thank you, we had a real blast!

MS: It looked like it, I was surprised you crowd surfed.

Teri: Oh Yeah! That was fun! Crowd surfing is a great, you should try it!

MS: Uh, no, BTW Pleasure Victim? was my soundtrack album in college.

Teri: I love that, that is so cool!

MS: There was this drama group I was in and we listened to it all the time.

Teri: Where did you grow up?

MS: Washington State.

Teri: Washington State is my favorite place in the world! My father is from Seattle and I have a lot of family up there. Every time I get off a plane I feel like I am home. I'm really not sure why, but it feels like home, I love that state. To me it is the most beautiful place in the world.

MS: It is pretty, I just wished it didn't rain so damned much.

Teri: I know, it rains fucking a lot, but you know what? I love rain..(laughs) family won't move there with me I am trying, but I can't get them to go (laughs).

MS: I really love your current CD 4-Play a lot and the single Scream is really hot!

Teri: Thanks! It is really a return to classic Pleasure Victim form. It's great you like it so much.

MS: Speaking of Pleasure Victim wasn't the song Sex (I'm A) way provocative for it's time?

Teri: Oh yeah, it was a scandal pretty much everywhere in the South. There were, shall we say, a lot of problems with that song.

MS: Enquiring minds want to know, what inspired that song?

Teri: My relationship at the time. I was dating a guy and we were in a rut sexually, I wanted to introduce some role play. The conversation we had about it inspired the song, because we were discussing all the different scenarios we could get in to. He said to me, "You know Teri? I am not really a pirate, burglar, I am just a man. I only like man things, that's all I want to do, and I don't really want to get into this". When we were writing at the time and I wrote the song around that idea, I was a Geisha, A Blue Movie, and he was always saying, "I'm a man". He was a really a boring guy!

MS: Now the song makes much more sense than it used to!

Teri: Yeah you kept thinking, why is he so boring?! (laughs) He really was that boring, I mean why is he just laying there like a fucking man! (laughs)

MS: There is something really European about Pleasure Victim.

Teri: We patterned ourselves after European bands because at that time that was not really going on musically. John, my band mate was really into Kraftwerk and that type of music, those types of bands were male oriented, and we thought if we could put a female voice against that kind of electronic sound that it would be really interesting.

MS: Your cover of Peter Gabriel's Big Tim off your CD 4-Play is great; it takes on a different perspective from a woman's POV especially when you sing your dick is getting bigger!

Teri: Yeah, that works, doesn't it? (laughs) New songs are great, but I love hearing different bands takes on each other. For example Peaches did a version of Sex(I'm A) and she did the male and female part I love that!

MS: Word is you are a big Marilyn Manson fan.

Teri: Oh God, he is so great. I have never seen a better live performer in my life. I still remember the first time I saw Manson it was like "Whoa, fuck me"

MS: So is that why you covered Dope Show on 4-Play?

Teri: I'm a big fan of his, but I think Dope Show is the best song I have ever heard about the music biz. It says everything about it, its a joke, it's a puppet show that people try to glitz and glamour out, that's what it is.

MS: You are back at Pride this year, excited?

Teri: I just love doing it, it is so much fun! We begged Los Angeles for a couple of years to play it; it's my hometown and the biggest Pride in the country. Last year they gave us the chance and everyone was so wonderful, when we got off stage they said "You are coming back next year".