Return to BBMAK
May 9

BBMAK is B-B-Back (And Better Than Ever)

Kyle Stevens

BBMAK triumphantly returned to the Gramercy Theatre in New York City last night, and the reunited English pop rock group didn’t miss a single step. Music & Mojitos was on hand for the concert, and thought that the trio looked and sounded amazing. Whether it’s 1999 or 2019, Mark Barry, Christian Burns, and Stephen McNally proved that they never lost it, and in fact, only got better with age.

We weren’t the only ones thinking that, either. There were groups of young girls having their own private dance parties near the back of the iconic NYC venue, while flirty guys were begging for Barry to bust open another button on his shirt. Barry—who at first was standing his ground—finally obliged for a couple of quick, fleeting seconds near the end of the show, much to the delight of BBMAK’s dedicated and boisterous fanbase. It was quite the scene, and everyone was in a great mood after Barry’s strategic move, to say the least.

It’s been a good minute since BBMAK first lit the world on fire. Between 1999 and 2003, BBMAK sold three million albums that were filled with worldwide hits. “Back Here” captured the hearts and imagination of fans across every continent, and the heartthrobs were living their absolute best lives on cloud nine. How could you not, when you’re featured in soundtracks for The Princess Diaries and Lizzie McGuire?

Children ate up songs like “Miss You More” and “Out of Reach” with sugar-laced spoons, and those features helped make BBMAK megastars. Fast-forward to present day, and not all that much has changed, except that Hilary Duff got engaged, again. BBMAK’s supporters never left—they just grew up. Everyone might be just a tad bit older now, but their appreciation for BBMAK’s return to the limelight has grown, too.

The band gave their fans everything they wanted, and then some. They played their big hits, did a sentimental cover of Extreme’s “More Than Words,” tore the house down with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” raised alcoholic beverages in the air, and made sure to get everyone ready for their new, upcoming album, too. Their first single off of their upcoming album over 16 years in the making got everyone moving. “Bullet Train” hit the body harder than Superman ever possibly could. Yes, those were fighting words, Clark Kent. Our money is on BBMAK, every single time.

Barry, Burns, and McNally joked about remembering VHS tapes at one point during the concert. While those tapes might be ancient relics of the past, the performance that BBMAK put on at The Gramercy Theatre showcased three lions who could not only hang with the next generation of boy bands—but do it better, all these years later.