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BBMAK's Christian Burns Talks 'Powerstation' and a Reunion 16 Years in the Making [Exclusive Interview]

BBMAK put on on a flawless showcase back in May at the Gramercy Theatre, and now they are getting ready to drop their newest album, Powerstation,on October 11. The anticipated release marks the band’s first album since their 16-year hiatus as one of the most influential boy bands in the modern era of pop music.

Music & Mojitos recently caught up with Christian Burns of BBMAK in an exclusive interview. Burns spent time reflecting on BBMAK’s most recent concert in the Big Apple, and remembered why it was important for the band to come back and rightfully reclaim their prized thrones in NYC.

“New York is a special place for us guys. We’ve spent a lot time there over the years because a lot of our press and PR was based in the city. It was great to go back,” Burns tells Music & Mojitos. “We’ve done a couple of shows there in the past year or so. We love performing in New York. We performed on Good Morning America, which was so much fun. It’s really one of our favorite places.”

The band’s performance on ABC’s GMA marked an official new era for the reunited trio. Along with Mark Barry and Stephen “Ste” McNally, Burns did a mashup of their new single, “Bullet Train,” and the song that first put them on the map as true heartthrobs to be reckoned with, “Back Here.” It was a righteous mix of old and new, and the group’s diehard fans couldn’t get enough of both songs. The vibrant smiles showed on BBMAK’s faces. The guys were finally enjoying their moment in the spotlight as a well-oiled machine. Burns says that getting pleasure from doing the frenetic talk show appearances wasn’t always the case during their first go-around.

“The first time we were doing the media circuit—we were all kids. We were so busy and lost. It was a whirlwind. We didn’t really stop to breathe and take it all in. One thing that changed this time is that we’re enjoying it that much more. We’re taking it all in,” reveals Burns. “We are enjoying our experiences with the fans. It’s great to see the fans come out. We’re spending time with them. We’re loving this second run, and we’re getting phenomenal feedback.”

Burns isn’t wrong. The continued outpour of support for BBMAK’s dreamlike comeback on social media has been tremendous. Constant Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram comments praising their song “Bullet Train” has become customary for the band. The singer speculates why the track hits deep for BBMAK’s ardent fanbase.

“‘Bullet Train’ was the first song that we wrote together in 16 years. It’s quite a special song for us. It was actually a quick one to write. We wrote it within a couple of hours with our good friend Steve Chrisanthou over in Yorkshire. It was one of those songs that just became something bigger,” says Burns. “When we wrote it, we immediately knew it would be a good one as our first single because it’s just so BBMak with the trademark three-part harmony chorus. It’s catchy, and we thought it would be a great start for the album.”

From start to finish, Powerstation marks the triumphant return of a band that once rivaled the likes of *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Listeners would have never guessed that BBMAK split all the way back in 2003 by listening to their latest material. They don’t miss a beat, and prove that they can still hang with the very best of the new generation of musicians. Just as “Bullet Train” opens up with BBMAK’s familiar, unforgettable sound, “Powerstation” concludes the album with a story that captures the very essence of the group. Burns tells Music & Mojitos that the track list isn’t a coincidence.

“When you write an album, the sequence of the tracks are really important to get right. It just felt like Powerstation was the right track to close out the album with,” states Burns. “Lyrically, it’s a song about reflection and the old days. It really felt like the perfect way to close out the album.”

What’s old is new again, and Burns is aware that his latest chapter is just beginning—even though his journey has gone through many twists and turns since BBMAK’s lengthy hiatus. His latest phase is one of celebration, and filled with a ceaseless amount of original music.

“Speaking on behalf of Mark and ‘Ste’ as well, 16 years is quite a long time. We’ve all experienced a lot of life in that time. The good thing about that is that we’ve got a lot of things to write about, and a lot of experiences to draw from for inspiration.”

As for what Burns has learned since his younger years?

“I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little wiser,” he laughs. “It’s just great to be back. I feel like I’m still that same, passionate guy who has that deep love for music as I did 16 years ago.”

Dedicated to bringing BBMAK back into the limelight, Burns assures his devoted fans that after Powerstation drops, they won’t have to miss the band for an extended amount of time going forward.

“We’re going to announce more shows. We’ll have some things based around the launch in October for the fans. We’re excited to put it out into the world. It’s been a long time. Hopefully it won’t be another 15 years until we release another album,” concludes Burns.

BBMAK just announced their new North American and UK tour dates in support of Powerstation. The "Back Here" tour is set to start on November 3 in San Diego, and will wrap up in Glasgow on December 16. Starting today, fans will have the opportunity to purchase tickets here. Additional tour dates can be found below.

Tour Dates

11/3 House of Blues / Voodoo Room - San Diego, CA

11/5 Belasco Theater - Los Angeles, CA 

11/6 Slims - San Francisco, CA

11/7 House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

11/15 Epcot/ WDW - Orlando, FL

11/16 Epcot/WDW - Orlando, FL

12/12 02 Academy Islington - London UK

12/13 02 Academy 2 - Birmingham, UK

12/15 Academy 3  - Manchester, UK

12/16 Oran Mor - Glasgow, UK