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Exclusive Interview: BBMAK Chats About ‘Powerstation’

BBMAK, the three-piece English pop group, recently reunited after a hiatus that lasted over a decade in order to release a new full-length album titled Powerstation on October 11th of this year. Despite the time they have spent apart, the group’s fan base remains strong and their performance on Good Morning America in August only sparked their supporters’ interest to hear the new LP.

In our exclusive interview, BBMAK opened up about reuniting, fans and touring after the hiatus.

How does it feel to have your first album in 16 years out to be enjoyed by the general public?

It feels amazing to be releasing music again with my brothers Mark and Ste! We promise it won’t be another 16 years before the next record!

What do you think has changed over the years in terms of how your music is sonically now and what it focuses on? 

I think, of course, we have been subjected to a lot of different types of music since we did the last record. We can get away with experimenting a bit more as we have the three vocal blend to use as the glue and give it that BBMAK sound.

You recently performed on Good Morning America! Are you excited to be back doing performances and appearances on a massive level again? 

Yeah, that was the first big TV we have done since we announced the album release. It was amazing [to] see all of the fans lining up at 2 am just to get a peek. We absolutely loved performing on the show. It was great to be back on USA TV!