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BBMAK is "Back Here" after 15 years with new shows & new music: "All of us's time" 

They're "Back Here," baby. British boy band BBMAK reunited earlier this year, and last night they played the first of three U.S. shows -- their first in 15 years -- in New York City.  At first, the trio admits they weren't sure they still "had it," but just one rehearsal proved their fears were unfounded.

"We were -- not concerned -- but we were like, 'It's been a minute -- I wonder, can we still do it?'" recalls BBMAK's Christian Burns.  "But I suppose it's like riding a bike -- just muscle memory."

"Everyone remembered their harmonies as soon as we started to play," adds Stephen "Ste" McNally.  And Mark Barry adds, "It was pretty surreal, to be honest."

In addition to playing hits like "Back Here" at Monday's show, BBMAK debuted a song from a brand-new record due out in the spring. Ste explains, "It's a mix of that classic BBMAK sound -- three-part harmony and very guitar-driven tracks -- but we are bringing more modern elements."

The reunion came about when the three men, who remained friendly, were hanging out one day, and decided on a whim to film themselves singing "Back Here" and post it on social media.

"It just went crazy, we had like two million was ridiculous!" laughs Christian. "It went viral. And we were like 'Wow, we should have a chat about this, boys!' I think...all of us...decided, it's time for the Mak."

The trio's fans, and their loved ones, are thrilled about the reunion.  Last week, at a show for friends and family in their hometown of Liverpool, England, Mark says, "There wasn't a dry eye in sight...'cause they could see how important it is to us and how it makes us happy.  It was quite an emotional night."