July 08, 2008
Mike Peters Sounds the Alarm in Times Square

Mike Peters named the Alarm's new album Guerilla Tactics for a reason: The cancer survivor has pulled off some pretty good stunts in recent years, prompting plenty of press for his charity (the Love Hope Strength Foundation) and his musical projects.

So our favorite guerilla tactician strapped on his guitar and took to 44th and Broadway in the middle of New York at lunchtime today to promote the disc's release with a short busking session. His Everest-ready mic pack picked up too much Times Square interference, so he good-naturedly just sang above the roar of the endless vehicles, police sirens, camera-toting tourists, members of the media and lucky group of dedicated Alarm fans. He busted out Guerilla Tactics standout "Three Sevens Clash" first. When it became clear that the cops weren't going to stop him, Peters then performed new songs "Fightback" and "Love Hope and Strength" -- and even got bold enough to film a video for "Rat Trap" (look for it soon on thealarm.com). He finished with a rousing sing-along of golden oldie "Sixty Eight Guns," complete with fan-generated backing vocals. The Naked Cowboy never saw what hit him.