THE ALARM 'Guerilla Tactics' 21st Century Recording Company (2008) <>

Mike Peters and the Alarm are back with possibly their hardest hitting album in
many a year - less of the acoustic/reflective side of Mike Peters and the Alarm
and more in your face spiky punk anthems with added rocka beats and some dub!
Former G 'N' R guitarist Gilby Clarke handlesproduction duties.

Peters has successfully battled leukaemia (CCL) and many lyrics on here reflect
on his battle back to fitness. The mainly instrumental opener 'The Opening'
starts the album off nicely with those trademark Alarm guitar chords. 'Three
Sevens Clash' harks right back to early Alarm and has a glorious riff change
midway through that harks back to 'The Opening'. Easily one of the best tunes to
bear the band's name. 'Alarm Calling' keeps the adrenalin pumping whilst 'Rat
Trap' has that reggae backbeat heard on many late 70's/early 80's New Wave artists. 'War Cry' is another rallying cry and allows Peters to whip out his harmonica. The band have really
hit a groove as well as this is the third studio album to feature the same
line-up with Peters being joined by Craig Adams (Sisters Of Mercy), Steve
Grantley (Stiff Little Fingers) and James Stevenson.

Elsewhere there is much to enjoy like 'Run To The Hills' err ooops 'State Of
Emergency' - sorry but the drum intro is a dead ringer for that Maiden classic!
The uplifting 'Love Hope And Strength' is the only real slow number on the album
and that maybe the only sticking point for some fans the lack of the softer side
of Peters and the Alarm that could be heard on previous albums, for example

This is one of the best albums by the band - stripped back and in your face just
like the early years. Mike Peters and the band have done it again!

Jason Ritchie