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The Most Powerful Drag Queens in America

Ranking the new establishment.


Drag Race: Season 5 runner-up.
All Stars: Season 2 winner.

After a bit of pouting and brinkmanship ended her triumphant turn on All Stars 2, some fans labeled Alaska a snake, but she's slithering all the way to the bank. Aside from an appearance on VH1's reality show Scared Famous, Alaska has focused on touring. She has also released a string of comedic, self-referential dance-music albums: 2015's Anus, 2016's Poundcake, and 2019's Vagina. She also makes Race Chaser, a Drag Race recap podcast on which she and Willam Belli lovingly make fun of the reality show that launched them to stardom.

"Sharknado came out of nowhere. I got to fly out to Romania and shoot this fucking outdoor sword-fighting scene in a fake castle. They just called my manager and said, 'Hey, what's Alaska doing? Does she want to fight some sharks, or what?' The great thing about drag is you really are allowed to apply it to anything." —Alaska