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Alaska and Jeremy Believe the Truth Is Out There

The duo talk about their new album, extraterrestrials, and which "Golden Girl" would love their music the most.
by  10/12/2018

Hiiiieeee, earthlings!

Alaska has already released two classic albums, Anus, and Poundcake, and now the Drag Race All Stars Season 2 winner is back with Alaska and Jeremy, a new collaboration with her long-time musical partner Jeremy Mikush.

NewNowNext spoke with Alaska and Jeremy about their new album, Amethyst Journey, and the video for their first single, “Aliens,” which features the two dragging up an extraterrestrial.

Speaking of aliens, we couldn’t help but ask the duo if they believe in life elsewhere in the universe (Alaska better since she’s from the planet Glamtron), and their answers, like their music, got trippy:

“I thoroughly believe our souls can come from anywhere in the universe,” answered Jeremy. “We don’t always take a humanoid form. I don’t disbelieve in them.”

Alaska responded, “Of course. There must be, there has to be.”

"Are they aliens if they have life inside of them? I think that makes them the same as us,” Alaska continued. “If they are out there they are probably looking at us and going: ’Awww, you humans are really cute and you have some time to grow, but we are not going to interfere.'”

Like we said, trippy.

Switching topics from aliens to RuPaul’s Drag Race, we asked them which song off of Amethyst Journey they would love to see as a lip sync for your life, Alaska suggests “The End of the World” because “when you are lip syncing for your life it probably feels like it.”

Finally, since Drag Race fans know that Alaska is a Golden Girls superfan, we had to know which of the four women she thought would love Alaska and Jeremy the most:

“Rose! Rose has a very open spirit,” Alaska answers. “She’s very childlike, and I think she would be willing to go there—and she totally believes in aliens.”

“This is a total Rose album.”

For more info head over to the Alaska and Jeremy website, but don’t forget your crystals.