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“Unbelievable. Improbable. Miraculous": Alaska Thunderf**k on being a 'Drag Race' winner, actor, musician and adult entertainment star

By Mangala Dilip · Updated On : 02:19 PST, 3 Sep 2018

This year Alaska Tunderf**k has been part of many projects including 'Sharknado,' 'The Quiet Room' and a pornographic feature called 'A** Controller 9.'

“Unbelievable. Improbable. Miraculous.” These are the words drag queen extraordinaire Alaska Thunderf**k uses to describe her journey from season 5 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ to now traveling around the world and making amazing new music and acting in special projects as the winner of ‘All Stars’ 2. For many of us, she is the true definition of an all-American success story. When everything was on the line, Alaska worked harder than we have ever seen her, gave performances and presented looks effortlessly and walked away with $100,000.  

In the outside world, meanwhile, she is more than just a Ru girl. She has been part of many acting, dancing and musical projects, with her latest album ‘Amethyst Journey’ - that she made with long-time friend Jeremy Mikush – getting mostly positive responses from fans. While we revel in her talent and believe that she deserves all the success in the world. Alaska tells Meaww, “I’m very grateful and I know every day how lucky I am to get to do Drag for a living.” 

And in spite of the $100,000 and a one-year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, Alaska says that winning 'All Stars 2' was not much different from becoming a runner-up in season 5. "I’m still working hard and getting to travel around and share my music with the world and the Queer community who I love. I’ve gotten some amazing opportunities- I was just in ‘Sharknado,’ which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done," she says. I was also in a scary short film called ‘The Quiet Room’. And I’m also in the pornographic feature called ‘A** Controller 9’."

However, there is much more that remains to be explored and conquered, especially now that one of her biggest goals of becoming America's drag superstar has been achieved. "I have ideas for some shows and some music and other things in the works and I’m just happy I have a community that I can share those things with. I can’t wait," gushes Alaska. A collaboration with "talented and hardworking" Todrick Hall whose "product is immaculate" may as well be on the cards. 

As for her latest album 'Amethyst Journey' that you definitely need to check out if you haven't already, she says the music was born out of the friendship between her and Jeremy. "The music was born out of the friendship that Jeremy and I have. It was a natural progression. We’ve been putting shows together and making music for years so we figured it was time we wrote and recorded some music together. It is different from my other work but I’m grateful that as an artist I get to share different sides of myself," she says. The songs do sound more introspective and inspirational to her fans than the previous ones such as 'Anus' and 'Poundcake'. This is not to say, the era of irreverent music is over for Alaska. In fact, the only thing stopping the AAA girls from making new music seems to be Courtney Act's busy schedule. 

Even though we covered everything regarding her own career, I needed to get her opinion on one of the things that divided the Drag Race community in the recent past: "Was Shangela robbed?" And, in true Alaska style, she replied, "No- she was burglarized."