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Exclusive: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2 winner Alaska hints Shangela could return to the show again

Halleloo ladies!

15 AUGUST 2018

Alaska doesn't think we've seen the last of Shangela on Drag Race.

The RuPaul's Drag Race star and All Stars 2 winner exclusively spoke to Digital Spyabout who she would like to come back for the fourth season of the All Stars format.

Shangela previously took part in seasons 2 and 3 of Drag Race before becoming a frontrunner to win All Stars 3. She missed the crown when the decision of who progressed to the final two went to the eliminated queens, rather than being made by RuPaul.

"I want to see Shangela again because I think she deserves to be on every season until she gets that damn crown," Alaska declared. "I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of her, that's all I'll say.

"I'm really into season one right now. I would love Ongina, I think she'd be amazing. Akashia would be great to bring back."

On All Stars 2, Alaska famously threw a tantrum after doing badly in a challenge and tried to bribe Detox into keeping her in the competition by offering her $10,000.

Speaking about her time on the show, Alaska admitted: "I wish I would have smoked a joint, chilled out and had more fun doing it. I could have enjoyed myself more, I really put a lot of pressure on myself, trying so hard to be perceived a certain way.

"All that effort and trying to control all of that, it ended up not doing any good anyway. I wish I would have chilled out more."

Giving her advice to the queens currently filming All Stars 4, she said: "You can't control how you come across and if you try to then you come across looking like an idiot anyway. Don't bother, just enjoy yourself, be fierce, bring good clothes and have a good time."

Since taking part on the show, Alaska's popularity has skyrocketed and she is now one of the most followed Ru girls on Instagram with more than 1.4 million fans.

She admitted that she often gets recognised out of drag, saying: "It usually happens when I speak.

"I'll be in, like, Starbucks or something and I'll say my order and someone will snap their head around and go, 'Whaat, Alaska?! Hieeee!' I find it nice because I can be alone in a strange city where I don't know where I am, and then if a fan runs into me I feel like I am among friends and family. So many places I go it's a blessing and I really love it."

Alaska, real name Justin Honard, also opened up about her new musical venture, Alaska and Jeremy, who have recorded the album Amethyst Journey.

"My best friend Jeremy and I have been making music together for years and years," she explained. "We've done cabaret shows in New York for five years now and before that we were always making music together, so we thought it was about time we made some music. We went into the woods and we let the river speak to us and we wrote a bunch of music.

"It's really witchy and spiritual. I like to sing about make-up and hair and drag – this music is more about humanity and what it means to be people.

"I love drag so much and it's a huge part of who I am but there's also another side that hasn't really gotten out into the music and I'm excited to show that."

Alaska is appearing at the The Drag Ball in London on August 17 before appearing at Drag World UK on August 18 and 19. She is then touring the UK with her An Evening with Alaska shows. Tickets available here.