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Who's That Queen? Alaska

"I think everyone agrees that fans in Brazil are among the best on the planet," says Alaska in this exclusive and hilarious interview for "Who's That Queen?"

After a cosmic accident that annihilated several planets, the earth was invaded by interplanetary beings. One of them was seen painted blue on television. With this creature you learned that anus-thing is possible and that, if it is not a leopard print, it is not revealing.

Greetings, earthlings. My name is Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, from the planet Glamtron. What is yours? I came to be heard tonight, so let's get our greetings out of the way now. We must? My message to the human race is really quite simple: Hieeee ” .

First interplanetary contact made, now you can be abducted by her, Alaska, second in the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, aired from January 28 to May 6, 2013; and winner of the second edition of the All Stars spin-off, broadcast from August 25, 2016.

But don't get carried away by these dates, dear reader, after all, the biography of Lil 'Poundcake's mother begins before she participates in the show, still in 2007, with her first steps as a drag queen.

Alaska is a creation of Justin Honard, an American born on March 6, 1985, in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 14 years of professional activity, his drag has become what we commonly call here in Brazil a 'stick for every job': singer, songwriter, actress and podcaster, his online presence is accompanied by millions of people on social networks.

Currently, after also participating in the reality show “Scared Famous”, Alaska has already released four studio albums: Anus (2015), Poundcake (2016), Amethyst Journey (with Jeremy Mikush, in 2018) and Vagina (2019); dozens of singles, own, in groups or partnerships, in addition to enacting their own dynasty, with the “Drag Queen of the Year Pageant Competition Award Contest Competition”.

“With so many unknowns, taking Pageant to digital format was a risk - but it was definitely worth it. Each of these excellent artists brought so much talent, so much innovation and so much inspiration to all categories, and I couldn't be happier. I'm glad I wasn't a judge, because choosing a winner from this group of 8 exemplary artists was an apparently impossible task, but I send my congratulations to Tenderoni who I know will take this crown and this title with grace and grace. But to all competitors - I extend my deepest thanks and I assure everyone that the inspiration you have given to the world will continue to echo and reverberate around the world for the ages to come, ” says Alaska.

Conceived together with Lola Lecroix, this competition has consolidated itself as a viable option for all possible facets that drag, as an art, can assume. A good example of the entrepreneurial mind of Alaska, which, not content to move through different artistic languages, still has a surprise.

Today, April 15th, through OUTtv USA, Alaska debuts its first stand-up project: “The Alaska Thunderfuck Extra Special Comedy Special. In the script, in parallel with the jokes, authorial songs and special guests, Alaska proposes to the public a reflection on humor that goes beyond what it should and answers the question that does not want to remain silent: is glamor too glamorous?

“Doing a comedy special is way out of my comfort zone, however, I took a chance. Please enjoy this foray into the land of settings, jokes, stings and surprises, and we will be together for a brief moment, in laughter and love, ” he says.

And since the bitch at the top asked, I decided to attend and I made available, right below, my interview with her, after all, it is like singing in “Come To Brazil”: “In Brazil they speak Portuguese, which is the language of love. Do you want to hear some words that I learned to speak? ”

Hello, Cracuda!

Oieeeee, friends!

So, your comedy special is coming. Here in Brazil it is unanimous that everyone expects comedy from you. Can you tell us how to surprise an audience that already expects you to make them laugh?

First of all, I am shocked that someone expects comedy from me. I have always been strictly a glamor queen. I finally decided to broaden my horizons and try to be good-natured and tell jokes. Let's see how it goes.

Personally speaking, your album trilogy has historical value, because I attribute to you a certain return from drag music, with the popularization of musical elements that are widely used by you, such as: spoken singing, mention of other drag queens in the lyrics, etc. What is your opinion on this?

Thank you for that observation. I've always loved making music that belongs to my community and to my community, so talking about drag, drag queens and things related to drag is always something I loved doing. What about talking over a pulsating electronic beat? This is not something I made up, and I give credit to artists like Jimmy James and Club 69 for being the pioneers in this really nice type of music.

When it comes to Brazil, names like Pabllo Vittar and Miss Abby OMG come to mind. If you had to tell the Brazilian public about other things you know about our country, what would they be?

Well, my favorite words are "Oieeee, migaaaas" and "Passivona". But what most calls my attention is the human warmth, gentleness and ferocity of the Brazilian people. Having the chance to go to Brazil to perform has been one of the pleasures of my life. I think everyone agrees that fans in Brazil are among the best on the planet.

Alaska, you have achieved worldwide fame at RuPaul's Drag Race, traveled the world, won All Stars 2 and given thousands of interviews so far. What have you never been asked in an interview before and would you like to share for the first time?

Well, I have never, in all my years, been asked why my pussy does acrobatics so fiercely. But the answer is simple: I was born this way, beautiful.

Many people complain about the limits of comedy. At what point does it stop being funny and become offensive?

I think comedy can push the boundaries and shed light on topics that are unpleasant or ugly. That is your purpose. However, I also want people to leave the theater feeling elevated and strengthened - never diminished or less. This is an important distinction and I try my best. It's a process and comedians don't always get it right, but they have an important job and, ultimately, are trying to make the world a less frightening and less horrible place.

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