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As most of you may know the American Idol Live tour has been a huge incentive for the final ten contestants of each season. I had the pleasure of attending the tour over the past few years and it always left me wanting more. That is exactly what Idol delivered this year with the Up Close & Personal Tour featuring Nick Fadiani, Clark Beckham, JAX, Rayvon Owen and Tyanna Jones.

With only five contestants on the road this time around, the show was much “bigger” in a sense. If you take a look back at previous tours, the contestants were only able to sing one-two songs each. Don’t get me wrong, I think the past tours were amazing, but there was something special about season fourteen. The connection between the Idols and the fans has reached a whole new level. With an area-theater comparison, it only made sense for the fans to feel a better connection to their favorite contestant.

There is always a stand-out of each season. Someone that always goes on to do incredible things. This season was so diverse that each contestant has the potential of achieving great things. I believe that Nick, Clark, JAX, Rayvon and Tyanna will have great careers and longevity in the entertainment industry.

With the tour coming to a close tonight in Riverside, CA the contestants now have the opportunity to use their experience first hand and begin their career. Are you sad about the tour coming to an end? Don’t worry, the contestants have great things in the works.

Nick is currently working on his debut album with Big Machine Records. The album will feature his hit single “Beautiful Life”. You can pre-order the album right now by clicking here.

Clark opens up during our exclusive interview about what is next after the tour. “My plans are making an album. If someone signs me, picks me up then I’ll go with them and we will do this process together, make an album.”

JAX currently has a single on iTunes. The track is titled “Forcefield” and if this is just a taste of what we can expect, she is going to deliver some incredible music.

Rayvon is keeping busy with the release of his upcoming EP ‘Air’. The EP will include a special feature, an acoustic version as well as three remixes. He will also be performing on Brown’s Island for VA PrideFest on September 12th. Check out our interview below.


Don’t get me started on Tyanna’s voice. She truly captivated America with her soul. She is going to be making music for many years to come and I can’t wait to follow her journey.

With that being said, all five contestants are going to go on and do amazing things. It’s safe to say that America did get it right this time around and I’m sure they will deliver again for the final season airing this January on FOX. Thanks for reading, until next time…