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Six Quick Questions With Jax

BY CRETIN – JUNE 18, 2015

A Six-Pack of Questions with Jax

I had a chance to spend some quality time with talented American Idol performer Jax, who is about to embark on a 37 city tour American Idol Live Tour and chat about her music, rock ‘n roll influences and her future.

But I am going to make you wait until next week for the full interview because I am headed out on an important family vacation in about an hour. As a small peace offering to hold you over, we did a quick question and answer for a segment we call RARA’s Six Pack: Six fun, generally entertaining questions delivered in rapid fire sequence. True fans and members of her loyal Jax Pack will already know a bunch of this stuff, but still a fun read.

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Cretin: What’s your favorite place to see a concert in the New York/New Jersey area?
Jax: It’s got to be Madison Square Garden. Got to be.
Cretin: And New Jersey?
Jax: Starland Ballroom (a great venue in Sayreville)

Cretin: How long have you had the @Jax Twitter handle?
Jax: (Laughing) Oh my gosh, not so long. I just got it right before American Idol started, I tracked down this man named Xavier from India at like 4AM, when it was noon his time. I begged him for two years and finally he gave it to me after I told him I was on the show. He was a big fan.
Cretin: I was thinking it would have been impossible for you to be the first person using it, especially with it being the nickname to our neighbors in Jacksonville.
Jax: That’s true and a lot of people named Jackson use it as a name. It was crazy, and I sent that guy and his kids a Christmas present.

Cretin: If you were a huge megastar, what ridiculous food request would appear on your rider?
Jax: I’d have a lot of water, sushi and definitely a lot of Taco Bell.

Cretin: Do you have a song that’s a guilty pleasure?
Jax: Yes, for sure. “Don’t Rain On My Parade” from Funny Girl by Barbara Streisand. (With an infectious laugh) That’s a song I jam out to in the car; windows down, full blast. That’s my pump up song to get myself confident before a show.

Cretin: Do you have a favorite Aerosmith song?
Jax: That has to be “Dream On,” it’s a classic. My favorite Steven Tyler song is the new single, “Love Is Your Name,” it’s country and it’s freaking awesome.

Cretin: Last question, what color is that damn dress, my wife and I still can’t agree?
Jax: (laughs) I like that. That damn dress is blue and black. I never saw white and gold. I ordered that from London.
Cretin: My wife sees white and gold.
Jax: (laughing) Why? Not when I wore it, right? There’s no way she saw white and gold when I wore it, that was so blue and black.
Cretin: We need to rewatch the video
Jax: She’ll see the blue and black and then when she looks back at the picture it will be blue and black. It will be ruined forever.

Here’s the video (it’s blue and black)