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‘American Idol’ Finalist Clark Beckham Hopes To Get Signed Or Just Do Music Independently!

[WATCH] Him Sing To The Weeknd’s ‘Earned It’ Here!

Jul 17, 2015 10:22 PM EDT | By Pam Amantiad

American Idol" finalist Clark Beckham was under such an intense schedule the whole time that he competed in the Fox talent show. After the competition, from which he took second place, he hoped to relax and get re-acquainted with Netflix. Things didn't exactly go according to plan.
"I was like, 'Oh my gosh. I can't wait to go home and do nothing,'" Beckham told The Tennessean earlier this week. "'Just lay down and watch Netflix and not do anything for like a week.' "

However, a day after coming home to White House, TN, he found himself already craving to work on some new music.
"I was shaking the next day, just dying to do something," he continued. "I didn't want to just sit around."
He reportedly "wanted to be writing, making music, going out there and being heard."
And he's been a busy bee since, uploading his own version of The Weeknd's "Earned It" on YouTube. He also collaborated with another powerhouse vocalist, Abbey Smith, for an awesome rendition of John Mayer's "Gravity."
If you miss his amazing vocals in "American Idol", check out Clark Beckham's covers here.


Meanwhile, Beckham and the rest of season 14's top five are currently on the "American Idol Live" concert tour.
Beckham, along with grand winner Nick Fradiani, Rayvon Owens, Tyanna Jones and Jax, will be visiting 37 cities over the summer.
When asked if anything else changed for him aside from his heightened eagerness to produce new material, Beckham revealed that everything feels "exactly the same."
"People just want to take my picture more," he was quick to add, however.
As for future plans, the 23-year-old musician hopes to get signed "at a record label, make an album, tour it and perform at everything I can. Just all of the above."
"If I don't get signed, I'll still be making music. I'll just do it independently," he shared.