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Review: Clark Beckham emerges as a true 'Champion' on debut single

By Markos Papadatos May 24, 2015 in Music

American Idol Season 14 runner-up winner Clark Beckham has released his new single "Champion," and it is very inspirational.

The song was co-written by such songwriters as David Hodges, Tom Douglas and Zac Maloy. Beckham showcases his wide vocal range as an artist, and is able to hit the high notes effortlessly towards the end. He backs the tune's moving lyrics with raw emotions.

Fans can check out Beckham's performance of his coronation song, "Champion," on American Idol by clicking here.

"We're gonna stand when we've been knocked down, We crawl, we walk until we run, We're gonna fight, gonna hold our ground, Cause we've got the heart of a champion," Beckham sings.

In addition to his singing prowess, Beckham has a warm personality that matches his talent, and that should take the 23-year-old White House, Tennessee, native far in the music industry.

To check out Beckham's music on iTunes, click here.

The Verdict

Overall, Clark Beckham's "Champion" single earns 4.5 out of 5 stars. He sings from the heart and makes a connection with his listeners. His music is a breath of fresh air. "Champion" is the quintessential tune to listen to whenever one needs a morale boost.

Fans can catch Clark Beckham on the summer American Idol Live! tour. For a complete list of their tour dates, check out the official American Idol website.

To learn more about singer-songwriter Clark Beckham, visit his Facebook page.